Man is Suffering From Unusual Dragon Horn Grown On His Back

Man is Suffering From Unusual Dragon Horn Grown On His Back As the news of Tree hand man from Bangladesh is still making buzz, a London man is suffering from very unusual symptoms : Dragon Horn growing on his back. First there was a Devil’s Red Horn Sunrise spotted as part of Eclipse and now we have a news of Man with a dragon horn grown on his back. This makes me wonder if this is Chinese Dragon year.

Anyway let’s focus on this unusual illness the London man was suffering. Gray O’Brien turned out to be a very special patient for the doctors in London when they first saw him. Gray may have initially ignored this unusual growing part of his body unless it become noticeable. By the time his treatment has began and till the surgery, the dragon horn has grown 14 cm long, that’s a whopping 6 inches long.

Man is Suffering From Unusual Dragon Horn Grown On His Back

The good news is the Doctor’s were successfully able to remove this unwanted body part from Gray O’Brien’s back. After getting rid of the Dragon horn, Gray has felt much relaxed and this will allow him to continue with a routine life just like any normal person. The horn has garnered unnecessary, unwanted attention to Gray which is a past now

We hope all the good health to Gray and hope that this chapter of Dragon Horn is now over.

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