Man became disoriented in the middle of busy street. Caught on Camera

Man became disoriented in the middle of busy street

A man becomes disoriented in the middle of a busy street. This was the breathtaking moment. Many cars passed by, fortunately the man wasn’t injured.

As you can see, the man in this video suddenly loses the ability to control himself. He seem to be kinda lost right in the middle of a busy street. Many cars are passing by and so are pedestrians but hardly anyone cared for this poor soul.

Man became disoriented in the middle of busy street

After a long while, a car stops and a Hero emerges. In a rare sign of humanity this good Samaritan quickly assesses the situation. He understands this man’s life is in grave danger. So many cars were passing by and any moment he could be hit by ongoing cars. This is a scary situation given that these days we focus more on our phone and less on street. Many a times we postulates that everyone will follow the traffic rules and obey the signals. But what if you suddenly come across unfortunate situation like this. A moment of distraction can prove to be risky for someone like him and at the same time you too are risking your life.

The man thought lost his senses, the luck was with him and he was safely carried to the other side of the street. This sense of humanity has win over many viewers heart. The time-lapse video was captured in the traffic camera and has been shared widely on social media. On TikTok alone it has collected 3 million views.

Next time if you see an opportunity to help someone in distress go for it. Saving someone’s life is a greatest prize. If you have similar moments to share with our reader, please send to us and we will be happy to publish

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