Making Lotus Flower Lamp For Your Living Room Using Plastic Spoons | DIY Art Of Crafting Colorful Lotus Lamp Using Glue And Spoons

In home art of making lotus flower lamp using easily available plastic spoon is good way to enhance your crafting skills.

How to find treasure in ordinary things is what makes a person DIY master of arts.


Making lotus flower lamp

How to spend quality time to make the life better. The DIY hacks and method teach you to become artist that will find treasure in the objects around you. Once your are are trained to locate this very treasure around you, you can become the DIY master or in known term an artist with uncanny aptitude. Making a colorful lotus flower lamp from the plastic spoons in just another way to find the treasure in small items.

DIY Art Of Crafting A Colorful Lamp

Making lotus flower lamp

Let’s start gathering the items needed.

Making lotus flower lamp

  • LED light string – this will brighten our lotus lamp. LED String Lights are perfect apply to any decorative project. these delicate 50 LED chips can diffuse glaring lights with steady 360 degree viewing angle. Bring you into a special lighting world.


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Making Lotus Flower Lamp From

Now that all items are collected, let make an amazing piece of art for your living room. To achieve a perfect lotus shape, place the glass jar in the center. Take the spoon and remove the stem. We need the scoop shaped portion for our project.

Using glue gun and hot glue sticks, glue the spoon to the base. Refer below picture to understand the spoon placement.

It’s better to cut the stem off of all spoons at the beginning so that you can focus on glue job. Arrange the spoons around the jar. As you can see the scoops shapes are forming the petals of lotus and soon our lotus flower will be ready.

With little practice you will be able to place spoons equidistant from each other. Placement of the spoons is important to achieve uniform shape of the flower.

We will let our lotus flower settle for few hours before spray painting it.

Considering the color of your living room, style of furniture and little use of your imagination you can choose what color may go well with other items of the living room.

Making lotus flower lamp

More than one color will achieve a gradient pattern which is modern and contemporary.

Last step is super easy. Place the LED light string in the center and voila, the DIY lotus lamp is ready to add glory to your living room.

Making lotus flower lamp

Your family and friends won’t resist to curiosity to ask how did you manage to put together such a crafty modern piece of art. Feel free to refer them to our blog post so they too can try DIY skills and achieve something phenomenal.

Isn’t that a good idea to share your DIY secrets with others. Watch the art of making Lotus Flower Lamp at home below


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