Make Spooky Halloween Candles At Home Using Pool Noodles | Great Halloween DIY Ideas

Make Spooky Halloween Candles

Bring the spookiness home this Halloween using DIY crafty ideas. With little skill and help of our DIY videos, make spooky Halloween candles from the pool noodles. Yes, you read it right. We will be using pool noodles (foam noodles) for our DIY craft.

After watching hundreds of DIY videos and trying them at home, if you feel that DIY crafts are not meant for you or they are too difficult to follow, this one would be one of the simplest DIY craft idea. With very little skills and using couple of items from your utility closet, we will show you how to make Monstober a blast.

Collect The Things Needed

As promised earlier, don’t need to go on a shopping spree as we will be using few items which most likely be already available in your utility room.

Pool noodles : we will need 2 to 3 pool noodles. More are better as you can make additional candle sets to be kept at each corner of your house. I searched “pool noodles bulk cheap” and found tons of options for colorful pool noodles. I have tried both red and purple colored noodles and the results were phenomenal. If you don’t like to paint, simply get the black colored foam noodles. Check out Noodle Builder 10 Pack of 22 Inch Noodles Assorted Colors

Knife : don’t need to tell you that your regular kitchen knife will work.

Glue gun and hot glue sticks : If you are DIY person and love to try DIY ideas, by now you know that the got glue gun is must for every craft. Grab your glue gun and glue sticks as we will be using them extensively in our craft.

Candles : Unscented Tea Lights Candles in Bulk. For 10 -12 ucks you will find 100 White candles at Amazon or Home Depot. We will need atleast 10-12 depending on how many bunches you are planning to make.

Rust OLeum Paint : I used 12 oz canister of Textured Aged Iron Protective Spray Paint from Home Depot ()

Many Use of Pool noodles 

Make Spooky Halloween Candles

Not just for our Halloween craft, but the pool noodle is a very functional and useful product. Ladies fill your closet with your choice of boots. Bring home the assorted set of pool noodles and let them tidy up your boots collection. Here is how to idea.

Isn’t this simple product so far been used mainly at pool parties quite helpful. Starting from crafts to birthday parties and even tidy up your closet or make the house baby proof, the pool noodles always finds it use in every aspect of your daily life. Stock them up as this product is definitely a keeper.

Other Pool Noodle Tricks.

People buy them in bulk to cover the spring of trampoline or major outdoor toy. Even for covering open poles and hiding sharp metal edges, the pool noodles help homeowners to make their backyard kids friendly.


DIY Make Spooky Halloween Candles

Using cutter or kitchen knife, cut the foam tape in 45 degree angle. We need the top portion cut matching the burning candle shape.

Cut the foam noodles in different length and sizes. We will use different sized noodles to form a cluster.

Using glue gun, stick the pool noodle cluster together. Using the hot glue, give the melting wax appearance to the top and edges of noodles.

Finally, spray paint them in black or your spooky color of choice. The Rust-Oleum spray can will finish the painting job for your in just few seconds.

Let the freshly painted candle cluster dry for few hours. Once dried, place the candles on the top. At night light the candles. Each candle lasts for 6 to 8 hours. Place your DIY Halloween candles at desired corner of your home. Perfect spooky appearance for the Halloween night family gathering or party.

Make Spooky Halloween Candles

I am sure your guests will like your DIY Halloween trick.

Watch how to make Spooky Halloween Candles at home this year.


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