Make Homemade Rocket Using Coke | Coke Mixed With Our Secret Item Can Send Water Can Up in The Space

You must have seen numerous Coke and Mentos experiments

Do you know how to make a homemade rocket using coke.


Coke is by far the favorite carbonated drink when it comes to experimenting power of its fizzy bubbles. Many ingredients were wither mixed or brought in contact with Coke to study the reaction between two elements. But noting can become as powerful as our secret ingredient. When mixed with coke, it can convert any object into a homemade rocket using coke.

Make Homemade Rocket Using Coke

homemade rocket using coke

An experiment that will wow you and your family. To make it grand stand and larger than life experiment, we need to collect some large sized pieces. Let’s start assembling items needed to make a homemade rocket.

  • 5 Gallon Water Bottle : Sparkling or spring water bottle you use for drinking purpose will suffice our need. I suggest to get the 5 gallon water bottle given that it can withstand high pressure developed during this science experiment. More the pressure, higher the elevation that can be achieved. I assure that in the end you will truly have a blast.
  • 2 Litter Coke (diet coke is fine too).
  • Secret ingredient (which I will reveal soon)


Preparing For A Perfect Rocket Launch

homemade rocket using coke

Empty 2 litter coke into the water bottle. If you can afford more than one coke bottles, go for it. More the coke, better the results will be.

It’s time to reveal my secret ingredient. It’s Pool shock. The pool shock is chlorine powder used to clean the swimming pool. Some pool shock come in tablet form too. The powder form is better for fast and intensified results. If you have a pool, you already know this product and likely to have it in stock as well. But if you don’t know where to get pool shock, Home Depot is the place to buy the pool shock.

Whether you’re a new pool owner or a seasoned one, shocking your swimming pool might seem a little intimidating. Once you understand what pool shock is, why it’s important and the proper steps to do it, the whole process will no longer seem mysterious. Shocking your pool on a regular basis is a simple way to prevent stray algae and bacteria in your water and keeps your pool smelling clean.

homemade rocket using coke

In the powdered form, the pool shock comes in a pack of 10 lb which is more than we need. Pour 2 lbs of pool shock in the coke. The Coke and Chlorine reaction can begin immediately. Before the coke starts gushing out, quickly cap the water bottle. Once caped, turned the bottle upside down and rest it on the cooler. (if you don’t have sparkling cooler, any stand that can support the water bottle in upright position can do the same trick).

Wait To Simply Get Amazed

If you do not see reaction, shake the bottle rigorously. Upon shaking, leave the bottle and hustle away from it. Don’t stay near as sometimes the rocket can fire horizontally. It means it will come straight after you and serious injuries can cause.

But if you follow these steps correctly and assuming that the support on which the water bottle will be held is strong, the rocket will shoot no where but vertically straight up.

homemade rocket using coke

In our case the water bottle shot up almost 100 ft up in the air. After shaking the bottle, within split of a second, this huge 5 gallon jar propelled up in the air. The effects were amazing and never seen before.

Now we learnt how to make a home made rocket using coke and pool shock or Chlorine.

Chemical Reaction Explained

Want to know how did we achieve a perfect rocket effect and why the water bottle propelled itself up in the sky, we need to first understand the chemistry behind our main ingredients, coke and chlorine. In the coke there is a small amount of phosphoric acid, which acts as the reactant. When the phosphoric acid reacts with the pool chlorine, calcium hypochlorite, it releases a gas.

The gas was packed under pressure (remember the step where we capped the water bottle). Due to the strong plastic casing used in manufacturing the spring water bottle, it didn’t burst. The cap was the weak join in this assemble and hence naturally the gas has forcibly pushed the cap out causing the propelling effect.

Watch Make Homemade Rocket Using Coke


How Coke Can Make You a YouTube Star

worst ever experiment of Coke

Coke is your gateway to build a successful YouTube channel with huge fan following. Everyone loves Coke and coming to realize the immense power of this fizzy drink. Coke mixed with Menthol or making elephant’s toothpaste using coke and even making bombs using coke and chlorine (experiment for another day), you can produce desired effects and make videos that will WOW!the audience.

Dedicate your channel to Coke and many ingredients it chemically reacts with. Capture the effects and publish on YouTube. Once your channel is recognized for Coke based experiment,s you will automatically gain huge fan following.

From oddly satisfying experiments to satisfying crazy science experiments and everything in between is possible using Coke.

Take our experiment for instance. Try to make is even more grand and capture on the camera. This is a sure-shot recipe of becoming a star on YouTube. Once you gain sufficient number of views and subscribers, start monetizing your videos and grow your channel. Get recognized as Coca-Cola star on YouTube.

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