Make Colorful Thunder Cloud At Home Best Craft To Hang In Kids Bedroom Can Be Used As Antidepressant Night Lamp Too

Feeling stressed and having difficulty sleeping at night, the antidepressant cloud can ease sleeping problems.

Make the colorful thunder cloud and use this craft as a night lamp in kids bedroom too.

Make colorful thunder cloud

5 minutes quick DIY crafts have opened new trove of treasure for many women like me. These easy to follow and quick to make crafts have personally helped me build tons of decoration items for my home. In this tutorial you will learn to make colorful thunder cloud using an empty used water bottle. Use this cloud as a night lamp for kids bedroom or antidepressant lamp to ease sleeping problem.

This is your opportunity to fill the ceiling of your bedroom with real looking clouds. These clouds shine, change colors and offer soothing feeling sufficient enough to distract your brain for a peaceful sleep at night.

We have also added a video of step by step process to create your own colorful cloud. With using proper lights, you can achieve perfect lightning effects right in your bedroom.

The crafty homemade DIY clouds will be the perfect night-lamp for kids bedroom. Your kids will instantly fall in love with these Constantly color changing clouds and give them feeling of living on the clouds.

5 Minutes Craft

Just like any other DIY crafts, we will need few things to collect. These easy to find inexpensive items will give you joy of creating something of your own that too without breaking your wallet.

Things you will need

Empty water bottle. I am sure you may have saved many bottles for recycling. Why not to recycle them into something fascinating as our own clouds. More bottles means more clouds.

Cotton balls – Soft cotton balls we use as makeup remover will be perfect for our project. Soft and stretchy spiderweb cotton we buy for Halloween decoration is fine too.

Glue gun and hot clue sticks. Any DIY or homemade craft needs glue gun. Having glue gun is so important that we sugest our reader to always keep one at home. Besides DIY crafts, the glue gun is also useful in mending broken things or sticking two items together. Very useful item that every household must have.

Make colorful thunder cloud

Light string. I recommend to buy the battery operated Wine bottle lights from Amazon. The 30 pack will be more than enough for our project. Keep unused light strings for Christmas decor. Decorating recycle bottles simply & romantically, they will beautiful like a firefly in a bottle. Fits openings as narrow as 1/2 inch and as large as 1 inch and You can also use them to light up anything, like gift boxes, Christmas trees, flowers, dark corners and so on.

These firefly lights will shine the cloud night lamp. When covered with cotton, our personal cloud will offer soothing effects alleviating sleeping disorder.

Make Colorful Thunder Cloud

Now that we have collected all necessary items, let’s spare next 5 minutes in building our own colorful cloud. Remove cap of water bottle. Also remove label strip from it. Using glue gun we will attach cotton balls to the outside surface of plastic bottle. The goal is to cover the bottle from all sides.

Make colorful thunder cloud


Leave the bottle opening for now as we will be sealing it in the end. Once you glue cotton on all sides, turn the firefly light string on and insert inside the bottle. Now is the time to cover that tiny opening using cotton ball.

Your cloud is now ready. Using string hang it to the ceiling. If you like, make more clouds for your and kids bedroom too.

Make colorful thunder cloud

As the day ends, these magical clouds will be ready to dazzle your ceiling. Use them as night lamp or antidepressant clouds to ease sleeping problems. The firefly string can also be kept in colorful wine bottles, a perfect decor for Christmas.

Here is the video of making colorful thunder cloud.


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