Magic Of Creamy Concealer To Hide Full Body Tattoos And Make Your Body Look Clean As Canvas

As getting a new tattoo is fun, more pains are involved in hiding unwanted ones.

Tattoo removal techniques are proving to be very expensive and time consuming. This is where the magic of creamy concealer comes handy.

Do you have full body tattoos that you sometimes just want to hide for a special date. You love your tattoos and don’t want to permanently remove them but there are occasions where you want a clean and tattoo free body just for a day. The magic of creamy concealer comes handy to serve this very purpose.

But you love your tattoos, after all you wanted it. The tattoo didn’t come easily, rather after shelling out few hundreds of dollars and enduring the pain of needle piercing, finally your body has received much desired tattoo. But what if you want to hide this tattoo just for a day, may be just for a change. Is it possible?

The answer is YES. Creamy skin concealers


Magic Of Creamy Concealer

Magic Of Creamy Concealer

When you think of playing magic on your tattooed skin, think of Dermablend. Meet Dermablend Cover Care Full Coverage Concealer that can not only conceal your body deficiencies but also enhance the contour.

Made using hydrating vegetable glycerin, this concealer not only provides a silky smooth layer on your skin, but also effective to hide tattoos, big or small. Just one coat provides full coverage, long-lasting wear for up to 24 hours and can effectively cover dark circles under eyes, discoloration, acne scars, and dark spots.

Magic Of Creamy Concealer

Recommended by many famous Dermatologist, Dermablend has been always been both men’s and women’s first choice of skin concealer. Whether you have sensitive skin or known allergy, Dermanblend will prove effective in your makeup needs.

Skin Concealer Dermablend at Ulta Beauty


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Skin Concealer at Sephora

Makeup Concealer And Black Face

Magic Of Creamy Concealer

Read the stories about white man or woman playing black face during Halloween parties. Perfectly blended black face was achieved using Dermablend full coverage concealer.

Being soft and non-comedogenic, many high school and college going boys and girls have opted for Dermablend to get the black face for that party night. Many have regretted for posing in black face but it’s the age factor that makes you do such silly mistakes.

Magic Of Creamy Concealer

Black face incidents have brought notoriety to concealers and sometimes overshadow the benefits these creamy concealers offer.


Hide Full Body Tattoos Using Dermablend Full Cover Concealer

Video of woman who wanted to get tattoo free body just for one date is going viral on social media platform. What’s special about this video. Take a look at her body full with tattoos and you will immediately understand how difficult it is for someone like her to hide them.

Starting with the hand, only single coat has achieved desired results. You won’t believe the before and after pictures after applying the concealer. That unbelief and aghast expressions after seeing how the magic unfolded in front of your eyes has made this TikTok video viral and famous.

Long-wearing, full coverage makeup concealer stick provides a natural finish. Flawless coverage for a range of skin imperfections, acne scars, blemishes, dark spots, dark circles and tattoos. Use finger to blend to warm application to avoid dryness.

Watch from full body tattoo to clean tattoo free body just within few minutes. Effects will last for the full day. Just one coat and you don’t have to worry anymore about hiding your tattoos.


Fell in love with this magical product. Here is where to buy it

Skin Concealer Dermablend at Ulta Beauty


Skin Concealer Dermablend at Amazon


Skin Concealer at Sephora

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