Lost Your Taste Buds Oven Roasted Organge Will Get Your Taste Sensation Back In One Hour | Proven Jamaican Remedy To Get Your Taste Senses Back

lost your taste buds

Loss of taste can happen due to various reasons. Illness, In many cases, it’s just a temporary phase and the taste sensation often improve automatically over the period of time. But who likes to wait. Don’t even think of taking over the counter medication as they can make matter worse, rather a perfect herbal and homemade treatment can rescue you from such situations. If you too have lost your taste buds, use oven roasted orange remedy as explained below.

In some cases, your age affects your tasting ability, whereas for others nasal congestion or allergies can result in temporarily losing the ability to understand the taste of food. If you are on medications, the side effects of those medicines can sometimes result into loss of taste buds.

In the current scenario, as per WHO guidelines loss of taste or taste buds is primary symptom associated with COVID19. As a result, people are freaking out as soon as they realize the loss of taste sensation. Instead of calling the doctor and losing mental balance, try this proven remedy and see if it helps.


Oven Roasted Orange Pulp

First thing first. To begin, you will need an orange. Orange has high content of vitamin C and have been proven effective to boost your immunity. Besides, the citric acid content helps to lower your cholesterol and also control blood sugar level. A single fruit loaded with tons of medical benefits must be included in your diet.

Moreover, eating dry orange peel has long been touted to be effective for the weight loss. It’s rich fiber content are desired for body nourishment. Besides, the orange peel also offers sizable portion of Vitamin C and Vitamin B6.

But today we will be focusing on how a roasted orange can help too.


Lost Your Taste Buds

lost your taste buds

For roasting purpose, you can use oven or burner flame. Place the orange on the gas oven and let the roasting process begin. Turn the orange or shift its position so all sides can be exposed to the flame.

Once the entire orange peel is burned (charcoal like appearance), your orange remedy is ready. It’s time to remove the hot burning orange from the flames and proceed to the next step.

lost your taste buds

Carefully remove all the charcoal pieces or burnt peel. Careful, as the orange is extremely hot, use knife and oven mitt to handle your fruit.

Once all burnt peels are removed, the inner orange core will be exposed. Place this orange fruit in the glass. Add some brown sugar to it. Use only brown sugar and not the regular white sugar. Unlike the white sugar, brown sugar is made from molasses and thus rich in minerals. Brown sugar contains Calcium, Potassium, Iron and Magnesium whereas all these minerals are completely absent in the white sugar. As a result for this remedy we suggest using brown sugar for medical purpose.

Brown Sugar Mixed With Orange Pulp For Health Benefits


Two tea spoon sugar is sufficient. Add the sugar in the hot orange ore and quickly mix it. The intent is to eat the orange while it’s hot.

Eat the sugar mixed orange pulp to regain your taste sensation.

I am not a scientist of doctor but this Jamaican remedy has been used for more than a century to get back your tasting sensation. If this remedy works in other parts of the world, why not is US (USA). Ask your Jamaican friend and chances are he or she may already know this proven technique. Given the widespread virus outbreak, loss of taste is rampant and for those situations our hot orange pulp remedy is important than ever.

Sometimes you simply don’t like to eat anything or taste any food. The hot orange pulp mixed with brown sugar can improve your mood and appetite. When you are feeling gloomy, don’t want to eat anything, try this remedy and the results will surprise you.

Homemade Herbal Treatment Without Visiting Doctor

lost your taste buds


This is very easy to follow homemade remedy. Can help you save hundreds on visiting the doctor. Also given the herbal and harmless nature of this treatment, there are absolutely no side effects. As mentioned earlier, don’t resort into trying over the counter medicines, rather this wallet friendly remedy is anytime better.

Based on the principals of Ayurveda, the hot orange pulp and brown sugar treatment is used in many Asian and African countries.

Give a try and see by yourself. If the taste buds won’t improve even after an hour, go for another round of roasted orange juice. If that doesn’t help, immediately consult with your doctor. This guidelines shall not be substituted for doctor’s advice. Your doctor has access to your medical history and if required, can suggest the suitable treatment plan.

Lost your taste buds, watch how to regain your taste sensation back using roasted orange pulp.


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