Lose Your Weight To Stay In Shape An Obese Father’s Efforts To Help His Son Shows How To Boost Your Moral

Excess weight more than the BMI is always a problem.

Lose your excess weight is also a key to stay in shape and this mantra to son comes from no than his overweight dad.


Lose your weight to

BMI or body mass index is widely accepted barometer to know if you are in shape. You may have come across this term during your annual physical check-up or visit to your doctor. The moment out body weight start raising beyond BMI parameters, it’s the red line and warning to work on diet and exercises. Afterall well maintained body and good physique is important aspect of self confidence. Lose your weight is to stay in shape.

Obesity has long been a problem. Live life of an overweight person and you will understand the problem he or she faces at every step in life. Whether it’s difficulty in doing the routine work to avoid unwanted stare of people making fun of your excess weight, every moment in life becomes a punishment.

After constant harassment from your friends, one tend to loose confidence which can lead to depression and anxiety. How you look or present yourself to others matters in every business and even getting a matching life partner. On dating apps, profiles photos of fat and obese people is largely swiped to left (synonymous to ignore) thus finding a date itself becomes a problem.

Even at work, you will not be taken seriously and can sometimes even become a laughing stock. An overweight father has suffered the humiliation throughout his life and did not want his obese son to go through the same. This is how he decided to bring his son back in shape. The dad’s effort is a classic example of positive moral boosting.

What Exercises Help Shed Excess Weight

Can You Do Pull-Up Bars

While may pundits and diet experts tout their special exercises and specialty tools to achieve quick results in shortest span of time, there is no easy way to loose weight overnight. The traditional exercise coupled with healthy and controlled diet has proven to be the best and proven way to shed excess weight.

If you search for quick ways to loose weight, you will come across with


What Is Weight Loss Sticker

Lose your weight to

A new weight loss technique has become popular these days, body stickers to loose excess weight. These slimming stickers are just like any normal sticky patches that you can apply in naval area. Stick it on your body before you go to bed, and remove it when getting up. The weight loss sticker works as long as 8 hours Spontaneous Heating and burning fat to help to make your body slim.

The weight loss stickers are made from natural ingredients and are considered to be safe and non-irritating. The ingredient of this product include plants extract, it’s healthy and mild non-stimulating the skin. The weight loss sticker helps your body block and reduce the absorption of grease and burns excess fat.

The stickers can be applied to areas such as arm, shoulder, back or hip or virtually any area where you have fat and excess weight that you want to loose. The stickers work automatically without any exercises and can produce visible effects after few weeks of application. The patch is easy to apply and other than slight pulling when removing is not a problem. If you expect the patch to help you loose weight without making changes in your diet, you will be disappointed.

Remember to not apply more than one patch per day and try to give up soda, sugar, fried foods and bread to supplement the patches. The patches have proven to be effective in losing weight with a very little to none sporting and exercises.

Lose Your Weight To Get In Shape

Lose your weight to

This video is for obese who want to get in shape and regain confidence. An obese father’s efforts to help his son shows how to boost your moral and lose your weight to stay in shape.

Concerned by his son’s abnormal and excess weight, this dad wanted to help him loose the fat and regain the shape. The obesity problem was hereditary that his son has inherited from father. Despite the weight loss products available in the market, this dad knew the best way to get in shape is by exercises, traditional and most proven method.

There begins a rigorous workout schedule. This dad has decided to be the health coach of his son and boost his ability to go extra inch in an attempt to loose his weight.

Running workout, a best way to keep your body in motion and offer exercise to every part of your body. Running on a treadmill until you sweat has started.

Lose your weight to

Followed by treadmill was bench press. The goal was not only to loose the weight but gain some muscles too.

After bench press, boxing exercises needed to go extra mile in the quest of loosing wanted weight. This rigorous schedule wasn’t easy initially but both father and son due didn’t give up and within few days the changes started appearing.

Lose your weight to

Encouraged by these signs, both dad and son continued the path to achieve the ultimate goal, well built physique and perfectly balanced body shape.

This father has set a good example of moral boosting for his son. If you too are suffering from excess weight, try over the counter supplement. But remember for visible and long lasting results, exercises is the only proven method that has worked for weight loss.

Watch how good moral boosting by dad has helped this son to loose weight and get back in shape


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