Logical reasoning quiz : Guess who is poor?

This riddle can prove if you have uncanny aptitude to catch the odds from the picture. Series of quizzes and riddles designed to refresh your mind and offer healthy exercises to your brain by stimulating positive thinking brain waves. Logical reasoning quiz : Guess who is poor?


Logical reasoning quiz : Guess who is poor?

This Trivia series is designed to test your ability to think logically. Grasp the key pointers from the image and solve the riddle. Mind you, its not easy unless you have hawkish vision to spot the odds.

Quizzes like this are healthy as they keep your mind and brain fresh and for the young minds they provide a trove of information in one go. Let's go for it!

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So take a breath, stop whatever you’re doing, and get ready to have a little fun. This three-minute escape is exactly what you need!

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Look at the picture carefully and let us know who is poor


Question Image

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If you guessed the women in pink, you are right.

Question Image

How much you enjoyed this quiz.

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