Locked Out With Keys Stuck In The Car Use This Trick And Save Hundreds On Locksmith

Forgetting keys in the car is a common problem across board.

Your forgetful nature cost you hundreds of dollars when you are locked out with keys stuck inside the car. We have a solution.

Locked out with key

Locked out with keys stuck in the car use this trick and save hundreds on locksmith. Forgetting the things behind is built in human nature. Forgetting assignment, school work, items in grocery list all the way to forgetting kids in the car are examples showing how forgetful we human are.

With the modernization in car engineering, most of the new car models won’t lock the door if it senses the keys are left behind. But that’s just limited to your key fob. What about the other keys such as house key, locker key. What if you forget these keys inside and locked yourself out.

For those who have old car models, getting locked out by forgetting keys inside the car is still a nightmare. In such situations, your only option left is either to break the glass or call locksmith. Calling locksmith is not easy as it can cost you anywhere from $150 – $300 depending on make and model of the car.


How To Retrieve Forgotten Car Keys Using This Trick

Until the locksmith arrives, you will be stuck outside waiting for the help to arrive. We have also published another car unlocking trick using Duracell AA batteries. Know more on what to do when you Forgot Car Keys How To Unlock The Car Using Duracell Battery. Life Hack Showing How To Unlock Car Door And Retrieve Forgotten Keys

Give a try to above method. Here is another technique as our ultimate goal is to rescue you from this difficult situation.

All you will need is a roll of clear sellotape. Chance are you may probably have it in home. But incase you don’t have it already, here is your buying source – Amazon.

Attach strips of clear tape to the drivers side window. Make sure to cover the full glass window.

Attach multiple strips of the tape for firm grip.

If you have more help, it is beneficial as we are going to force roll the window down. Hold other ends of sellotape and jerk it down. As you can see in the video, apply force to pull the glass window down.

Locked out with key

Once the glass is rolled down, easily access the key and unlock the car. Problem solved. No more locksmith and save hundreds of dollar. The sellotape or clear Scotch Magic tape will cost just 1 dollar or two.


Watch the trick of what to do when locked out with keys stuck in the car.


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