Leopard Is Climbing With Deer On The Tree Will Leave You Speechless

Leopard Is Climbing

Leopard Is Climbing With Deer On The Tree Will Leave You Speechless. In a very closely shot video, a leopard can be seen hunting his prey, a deer. After this catch, one would expect the leopard to enjoy his lunch somewhere on the ground. But this leopard defies all commonly known behaviour rather resorted to climb up a tall tree holding his prey in the mouth.

This behaviour by the leopard is new to the scientist studying Animal behaviour and pattern. Many scholars were amazed to watch this leopard taking tremendous efforts in climbing up the tree with his prey.

The hunt has happened on the ground but not sure what has made the leopard to drag his feast near a tree and then hoist it to the top of it.

Leopard Is Climbing

As you can see the leopard tried to judge the height and slope of the tree before start climbing.

Using his strong claws and without loosing the grip of the deer, he started climbing up. The tree chosen by the leopard is not only tall, but strong too to carry the weight of both leopard and the deer together.

Leopard Is Climbing

This close up shot can help you asses the size of this giant cat and the deer he has hunted. Both being huge in size would be difficult to balance and climb up the steep surface of the tree trunk.Leopard Is Climbing


Leopard Is Climbing

Finally, when reached on the top of the tree, this leopard found out a place where both himself and the deer can be accommodated.

Leopard Is Climbing

As per the wildlife photographer, this behaviour is not uncommon and can be evident from the fact that there are food leftover on the tree branches. Scientist and animal lover’s explanation was in those cases the leopard and other big cats may have climbed the tree chasing their pray and finally ended up in catching and eating them at the place of hunting. However, this newly found video defy that understanding and proves another thing that leopard just like human beings prefer to enjoy the meal in a scenic or sometimes secluded spot.

This wildlife behaviour could be forced upon them due to the fact that some one else such as another leopard or hyena should not snatch it away from them. However, as we know the wild animals do not hunt replying only on their vision or eyesight but rather use their acute smelling sense. Not sure how the leopard can skip or avoid his competitors and other poachers. Nevertheless this video gives a new angle on the wild life behaviour of the hunters.

Unbelievable climb. Do You know a can take three times heavy prey & can climb a straight tree. In their territory many a times you can see leftover on trees also. Close shot.


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