Learn the fleecing skills from an expert shearer

Learn the fleecing skills from an expert shearer

Meet Dylan. He is just 17, and he is our main shearer. He loves his job and he is so gentle with our animals. Great to see the next generation joining the lamb and sheep industry. Learn the fleecing skills from an expert shearer.

Learn the fleecing skills from an expert shearer

Some of the comments posted by the users were quite hilarious, for example one of the user has accurately pointed our the political turmoil one of presidential candidate is facing these days

Mike Bloomberg could do that with his eyes closed. He has lots of gray matter.

Incase you are wondering how many is he shearing a day? With smooth action like that he is not only expert, but seems to be enjoying his job too. So far Dylan holds record of 225 sheeps a day. That’s quite a number.

His shearing skills has made this video quite popular with 700,000 plus views so far. I love that he is so gentle with the sheep and showing compassion good boy well done. By the way this video has been shot in Australia and by all definitions he truly is a hardworking shearer.

Learn the fleecing skills from an expert shearer

I personally have seen many in my life – that young man has good hands, a gentle manner, and produces a clean fleece! t’s so fun to watch! It looks so easy when he does it! Magical! How does he get them so calm?

Awesome technique, I represented Australia at wool handling back in the day so I’ve seen a lot of great shearers and that right there was a real nice job. He makes shearing look very easy.

Learn the fleecing skills from an expert shearer

Very curious. How much money do they receive per sheep sheared? Also, how many do they do in a day? – here is the answer : $4 a sheep and Dylan can shear 225 a day. Do the math. I could watch this all day, very calming

If you too like Dylan’s skill, do not forget to post your comments or like this video. Otherwise, this one is fun to watch.

If you to want to learn how much a shearer can make daily or how to become an expert shearer, watch Dylan and learn from his technique.

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