Learn How To Catch The Eel Using This Home Made Watermelon Tool Hack

How are people without modern tools and technique improvise gadgets to do fishing

Catching eel is a profitable business for some, whereas for others its source of food

Learn how to catch

Learn how to catch the eel using this home made watermelon tool hack. Life science and life hacks most important things that teach how to survive in the adverse conditions. Life hacks are the way to reuse and re-purpose the things you have than whining about what you don’t. I have never thought that a watermelon can be effective to catch an eel until saw this video.

Eel as food

The eels is considered as delicacy in many countries. It primarily goes in sushi or sold as dried canned food. Remember the eel blood is very poisonous to human and hence never eat eel in the raw form. Well cooked eel is safe to eat and that is how it is served in Sushi or other eel based food recipe.

Smoked eel

Another popular eel recipe is smoked eel. The freshly caught sweet water eels are preferred over salt water one. If you catch a fresh eel, clean it first. If you are buying eel from the frozen meat sections of stores, let the meat thaw before working on it.

Once thawed and properly cleaned eel pieces can be threaded to pointy skewers and your eel is ready to be smoked. Hang the skewers to the bbq and let it cook. If you are tired of cooking, smoked eel comes in ready to eat cans too.

Where do eels live

Before you think of fishing the eel, you need to know where do the eels live. Eels prefer shallow ocean water which makes it easy to find and catch them. Mostly along the shore line, the eels dig burrow in the sand and live inside.

Their burrows can be spotted in sand or mud along the ocean shore line. Since eels are nocturnal, they won’t be seen during daytime and fishing at night time is not for the chicken hearts. This is where eel trap comes handy.

Watermelon eel catcher hack

Learn how to catch

First and most important thing, you need to love the watermelon as we will need completely empty watermelon shell. If you don’t like the pulp, make juice using watermelon pulp.

Once you obtain empty watermelon, it will become a cage in which we will catch the eel. Keep the 2 sides of watermelon open, but try to keep the opening as little as possible. On the top of watermelon, make a cage using stick Your eel trap will look like the one shown above.

Let the trap be buried in the shallow ocean water sand. Cover all sides of watermelon with the beach sand and let your trap settle overnight.┬áNext day morning, it’s time to visit our trap to score our findings. Carry a rake with you to remove sand from the sides of the watermelon trap. Free up the watermelon shell.

Learn how to catch

Now covering the sides of empty melon shell, move the trap to an open place. The purpose of watermelon cage is served and it’s okay to break it.

Learn how to catch

Once you break the watermelon trap, the eel inside will become visible. That’s you prized catch of the day.

Learn how to catch

The logic behind this trap is, eel find the empty water melon shell as readily available burrow. That laziness proves harmful to the eel. Burrowing inside our watermelon trap, the eel can’t go anywhere but exposed once the trap is broken wide open.

See the demo of how to catch eel using homemade hack. Hope this video will help you learn how to catch the eel


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