Latest New Dirty Mind Test Guarantees 100% Failure

Couple of years ago, the dirtymind test trend has rocked internet by storm. This was next level in optical illusion. Something so fascinating and intriguing that many social media users were fixated to dirtymind test videos and pictures. Here is the latest and new dirty mind test. But brace yourself as just like others, it guarantees 100% failure.


What Is Dirty Mind Test And Why Do We Always Fail

The concept of dirty mind test is simple. A video or image at first strikes your brain with really nasty message. When you look at any image, our brain try to relate the optics to something known to it. This is called as memory based diagnosis.

Based on memory records or previous cognition of similar looking objects, our mind drives conclusion about what this object may be. Here is the trick. As you look closer or multiple times, the image reveals something different. This stage of fooling the mind or tricking your brain into believing something else is the crux of dirty mind tests.

When you come to know that your initial impression about the image was wrong and your brain was tricked into believing something else (rather something nasty), the smile on your face is what has made these illusions popular.

Latest New Dirty Mind Test

Latest New Dirty Mind

The latest in the coffin will surely baffle you. Take a look at this image and tell me what do you think.

Given that the topic of this post has already made it clear it’s dirty mind test, I am sure you want to play carefully. But no matter how careful and cautious you are, in the end we will prove that you were wrong.

Look again, what do you find. If your brain has interpreted it something nasty, you have failed this test. But don’t be disheartened as when I looked at this object first, being a woman, I too was fooled into believing into something else. That’s the whole reason I decided to take a picture of it and post on the internet.

Latest New Dirty Mind

If you still couldn’t figure out what it is, here is the clue. Zoom the picture and you will see that these are colorful Easter egg shells stacked one above the other. The pile of half egg shells and due to its oval shape has created amazing illusion, an optics that will surely trick your brain at first.

Now you know that we have again fooled your brain. And by the way thanks for the laugh (yup, we see that you are still smiling).

Pleasure Of Reading A Book

Here is another dirty-mind test. Chances are you may have seen it early. Take a look at it and tell us if we tricked you again.

Man, you really have a dirty-mind. Go talk to your Psychiatrist and find some help as I am afraid, the path you are on will lead you to uncharted territory (pun intended)

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