Largest Monster Truck Ever Built Using Firestone Tires Is Perfect Example Of How To Go Broke | Giant Truck Built For Monster Jam Shows What Money Can Do

Money can make you happy you just need to explore avenues.

Largest monster truck ever built is perfect example of what money can do.


Largest Monster Truck Ever

Your Ford pick-up truck is beautiful but you are tired of it. Either you want to go big and go broke or don’t know what to do of your vast fortune. When someone decides to go over and beyond, something amazing happens. This largest monster truck built using Firestone tires is showcase example of living king size life.

Introducing Bigfoot, largest monster truck ever built on earth. So far you have seen unbelievably tall trucks only in animation movies, but this one is real. Modified using Ford’s F250, supplemented by largest tires made by Firestone, this truck has everything you need to dazzle the world around you.


Sneak Peak into World’s Largest Monster Truck

Largest Monster Truck Ever

The wheels itself are taller than average person’s height. Anyone standing infront of this giant baby immediately start looking dwarf. To get to the drivers seat is not easy task. You need to be athletic to climb atop the wheel and then quickly get hold of the door. Else, fall from 10 ft height is a real possibility.

Start from the backside. Use the wheel assembly to lift yourself up atop the wheels. Once you manage to get to the top of the wheels, you are halfway through. From here either jump in the truck bed or reach to the body frame. Luckily the truck has wheel to wheel nerf bars to rest your foot. With one foot on the Nerf bar, grab the door and get yourself in.

Largest Monster Truck Ever

Wheel to wheel nerf bars are must for the truck of this size. Using Westin Nerf Bar, the truck offers footrest for climbing purpose.


Nerf Bars For Truck at Amazon Nerf Bars For Truck at Autozone


Another option is to carry a tall ladder with you every time decide to ride on this giant truck.

Once you are on driver’s seat, the journey won’t be smooth. Make sure you know the size of your truck as a small mistake in judgement can crush other car driving on the street. All and all this beauty won’t fit in the conventional freeway lane. The truck is solely built for the purpose of monster jam. With this beauty on your side, be the fearless grave digger on the Monster Jam race course.

Words won’t be enough to admire the beauty of this largest monster truck ever built on this soil. Rather watch what it means to live king size and how to spend all your fortune.


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