Kobe Bryant stayed to comfort victims involved in accident and redirect traffic until help arrived

Kobe Bryant stayed to comfort victims involved in accident

For those who know Kobe Bryant as a famous Lakers Basketball player, you just know one side of his life. Besides a famous NBA pro athlete, Kobe was always raved for his generosity and good behaviour, something we forget to practice in our day to day life. NBA brand Los Angeles Lakers is a price for many of us who live in Los Angeles and naturally the 2008 MVP Kobe Bryant was a darling for all NBA fans. But very few know, Kobe was famous for his on field and off-field behaviour.

We know may famous sports personalities who were raved for their on-filed performance but have been loathed due to manic behavior towards the society or their friends. Kobe, however was an exception to this. Here are video proofs that will show Kobe’s greatness as a person and human being.

Incident 1 : Traffic Accident

A month ago on December 13, 2019 streets in Newport Beach have witnessed a traffic accident. Kobe was driving by and unlike many of the cars that have ignored the accident and simply moved, Kobe stepped out of his car, approached the folks involved in the accident and stayed to comfort the victims. He even helped redirect traffic until help arrived. By the way, Kobe was not a party in the accident (victim or otherwise)

In the video below, the man in pink suit is Kobe walking towards the victims. You can also see him directing the traffic and make sure other cars wont’ suffer any delay due to the fender bender.

The video has been published a month ago (immediately after this incident and many Kobe fans are aware of it). With 17 million plus views, this video shows living proof that Kobe Bryant was exceptional human being, a great value to our society.

Learning more and more about what a truly exceptional human being he was in addition to being one of the greatest athletes and competitors of all time. With Kobe’s death, we truly lost a one in a lifetime human being and his beloved daughter and their friends and pilot.

Incident 2: Department store

A department store where Kobe use to shop with his family. We all do shop but hardly take notice of the folks working in the store rather our seldom interaction with the folks working in the department store comes when we are either searching for an item or have issues in returning the item. Here is what Amanda has quoted about Kobe and his wife.

Kobe Bryant stayed to comfort victims involved in accident

He and his wife are angels. My husband used to work at a store they came into often and they both were always SO nice to my husband & polite, respectful and would make conversation with him

It’s such a beautiful memory.That’s all we’ve ever known him as.The most talented player ever, but also one of the kindest, most caring men and his wife was even more so!They would make conversation, remembered his name and everything.Other celebrities can be mean,but not him

Kobe Bryant stayed to comfort victims involved in accident

Kobe you may have Gone But Never Forgotten

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