Kobe and LeBron Frame for frame 19 years later. Simply Unbelievable

Kobe and LeBron  Frame for frame 19 years later

A dire NBA fan has analyzed Lakers history and discovered remarkable similarities between Kobe Bryant and James LeBron. The video shows his efforts and months of hardwork to show us how both NBA legends have contributed almost in a same way to the success of Los Angeles Lakers.

Kobe and LeBron  Frame for frame 19 years later

Knowing LeBron, that’s exactly how he planned it, thought it out & executed. Hes such a heady player. so intentional w/everything he does in his life, its really remarkable. You know he wanted to channel Kobe. He wishes he had that killer instinct but was always a little too nice.

After watching this video you get tingling sensation, a feeling that there is invisible force exists that can only be felt but can not be explained. A God like power which is making the history repeat itself.

Kobe and LeBron  Frame for frame 19 years later

Here is Frame By Frame similarity between the play by Kobe and LeBron. If you are NBA fans, you will feel that satanic or divine force after watching this video. Don’t you feel the history is been re-written 19 years later. I wonder if he did that particular dunk on purpose. I’d like to think so, but probably not.

Unbelievable and truly remarkable. Kinda scary at the same time. Y’all gotta stop making me cry.

The video has immediately became hit on Twitter and Facebook. On Twitter alone it has collected 6 million views in just few minutes. That shows true star power of  NBA, LA Lakers, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. With 87K likes and 25,000 people already talking about it.

Kobe you may have left, but will be remembered forever

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