Kid Lock Herself Inside The Car And Refused To Come Out Was The Last This This Mom Wanted These Days

Do you find your kids unruly and sometimes don’t listen to you at all.
In normal circumstances it is accepted by parents but not when this little girl has locked herself inside the car and wasn’t ready to come out.

Kid lock herself inside

Kid lock herself inside the car and refused to come out was the last this this mom wanted these days. Parenting is tough and especially in the days of Coronavirus pandemic, parents are feeling increasingly helpless on how to entertain the kids. With school and malls closed, almost every other theme park and entertainment spots closed due to quarantine mandates, parents have few choices left to keep their little once occupied.

Empty mind, devil’s home

Kids are tired of sitting at home. Without much options left, either its reading the books or watching the TV are the only choices left. Unable to play with other kids due to fear of COVID19, their little brains are feeling stressed.

Result, kids go nuts and try to do something wild adding more woes to already concerned parents. Here is another story of a little girl who locked herself in the car and wasn’t ready to come out.

Kid lock herself inside

This was the last thing her mom wanted and turned out to be the tipping point. Mom became angry and demanded the child to unlock the car and come out.

But the little girl had different plans. Without caring what her mother will say or think, she started exploring inside of the car. Especially how the gear works, steering and all fancy controls on it function.

Kid lock herself inside

Seeing this drama, other moms’ from neighbourhood have joined. It was a fun thing and totally acceptable for the kids of little girl’s age.

While other mom’s were cool, her mother wasn’t. In desperation she even tried to force open the door but once the car is locked from inside, you have limited options. Thinking whether to call a locksmith or road side assistance, finally the little girl became tired of sitting inside and unlock the car door.

After seeing the issue has been resolved, this mother wasn’t angry but happy that her daughter is safe. I am sure she will forgive her little girl for this silly mistake.

Watch the video of this little kid lock herself inside the car and refused to come out.

Lesson learnt, never keep your car keys easily accessible to your kids, especially if they are very young. Accidents like this can happen, if there is a chocking hazard if your kid puts the keys in his/her mouth. Better be careful and keep keys in safer place away from your kids reach.

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