Just For Men How To Remove Hair From Chin And Neck | DIY Home Made Hack To Remove Hair From Your Neck For A Clean Smooth Shave

Just For Men How

Want to get rid of unwanted hair from your legs or neck, but can’t find men’s only product. You are not alone, the market is flooded with women centric hair removing products. Whether its a razor or wax, the entire industry has kept its focus on feminine needs. Just like women, men too use hair removing techniques to get rid of unwanted hair from shoulder to legs. We will be focusing on just for men’s products to remove the body hair.

If you are looking for shaving blade, ample choices are available on the retail shelf. From Gillette to Harry’s, from expensive razors to dollar shaving kit, these products offer smooth shave. But what about your neck or even legs. When it comes to removing hair from neck or legs, many men take shelter of women’s razors.

How To Remove Hair From Chin And Neck

Especially if you are looking to get rid of hair from your neck. hair salon was the only option. If your hairstylist is a woman, you find it awkward how to tell her to remove the hair from the neck. You just feel too shy to tell her to clean the hair from your neck.

Just For Men How

To fill this void, an inventor decided to put his efforts on developing just for men’s shaving blade. The blade comes in belt form, very flexible to move around your neck or legs. No need to visit the hair salon just to get rid of grown hair from your neck.

The flexible belt shaped razor can be used to remove hair from your legs too. One product, specifically designed for men will take care of all your needs.

Just For Men How

Just like back of neck, the hair on the neck below the chin too are difficult to remove. The razor blade often leaves burning skin behind. However, there is a DIY home made solution to remove hair from your neck and achieve smooth and clean shave.

Also check hair trimmer for Men Women. Use on Eyebrow, Upper and Lower Lip, Nose, Cheeks, Chin, Neck and Bikini

This eyebrow and facial hair removal provides two switchable trimmer heads to meet the beauty needs of different parts of the body. It can be used not only as an eyebrow trimmer, but also as a facial hair remover. Small trim head is suitable for eyebrows, facial hair, lip hair, nose hair and so on. The small trim head is suitable for arms, legs, back, armpits, bikini and so on.

Collect The Things : DIY Hack Just For Men

Just For Men How

Things you will need to prepare this DIY life hack are


For those who bear with the pain, try sugar and water mix. Add citrus acid to make a perfect sugar wax. It’s way easier and less painful method.


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Mix them together and microwave for 30 seconds. The microwave heat will bind all products together creating a consistent but sticky mix. Now your home made solution is already.

Apply evenly on your neck, below the chin. Let the mix dry. Your chin may feel little irritation as the solution dry. Once it dries completely, peel off the layer. The mix will pull all hair from the neck giving you a smooth hair free appearance.

Caution : It hurts but perfectly works


Just For Men How

No more scars or skin burning by the shaving razor. This remedy is made using herbal products hence won’t leave unwanted marks or spots behind. Completely safe for your skin.

Your treatment can prevent quick growth of hair on the neck and the area below chin. As you use this DIY remedy, the initial irritating feeling soon will go away and your skin will get use to it.


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