JLo Acrobatic performance will make 20 year old youngsters feel sky

JLo Acrobatic performance will make

Watch Jennifer Lopez’s dance performance. Her overall flexibility, acrobatic style will surely leave you speechless. JLo Acrobatic performance will make 20 year old youngsters feel sky.

Why Jennifer Lopez can do it and why can’t a normal person like you and I can not match – Here is an argument made “Yeah that’s what millions of dollars, a 24/7 personal trainer, people to buy all your groceries, nannies to take care of your kids, and not a damn care in the world can do for a person. She’s doing what 20 year old can’t because we’re too busy struggling to pay rent.”

This may be integral part of Latin dance form and most Latinas dance like that. However at the age of 50, what JLo can do is not less than a feast. The very definition of “show your work.” JLO is 13 years older than Britney, still smarter & still a better performer. And, a much harder worker. JLO actually knows how to act too. No wonder, JLo and Shakira were invited on the Pepsi Halftime performance – Super Bowl Miami 2020. Everyone would agree that it was one of the most memorable performance in the history of NFL and Superbowl series.

JLo Acrobatic performance will make

Barring these arguments, one this is true for sure that Jennifer Lopez by and large is one of the best Latin entertainer in the history.

However, the question I have is what’s this style of Latin dance? Salsa? Merengue? Bachatta? Can someone please educate me?

The performance, rated as one of her best, has been admired by many JLo’s fans. For those who couldn’t go to her concert, here is a snippet. The video has gone viral and currently trending on all social platforms. The one below has been viewed more than 6 million times. Thousands of likes and comments reveal the star power Jennifer Lopez command.

After watching this amazing performance if you too feel like going and watching JLo’s future dance concerts, then you are not alone. Many of our readers have shared the same feeling.

One of JLo’s fan, Justin has attended her concert and seen her performance and he admits that it was truly remarkable, rather the best show ever.

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