Irish Dinner Meme Drink Like An Irish Talk Like An Irish

Irish Dinner Meme

Irish Dinner Meme Drink Like An Irish. Watch this real Irish menu. Ever wondered what is Irish Seven course Dinner. It’s Beer, beer and then again beer. Beer 6 times and a potato. Warning : Potato can’t be sub for another beer.

12 Drunkard Meme That


Do you what else Irish people are good at… It’s Yoga. Irish Yoga at its best.

10 Drunkard Meme That

When Irish cops break into their famous Nagini dance.

Irish people are famous for their drinking habits. There is even a famous saying “Drink like an Irish”. The Leprechaun is based on Irish habits. Traditionally skillful trades such as mending shoes were considered as trade marks of Irish people. Irish people are also known to be parsimonious, saving and hiding every penny they earn. These Irish values has made Leprechaun famous as someone who mends the shoes and have a hidden pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

If you want to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with its true spirit, you must be in Ireland. The streets are filled with hundreds of barrels filled with beer. Its like actual rain of beer that one can experience on the Dublin’s street. Next time you plan a trip to Ireland, make sure to enjoy the beer spirit on St. Patrick’s day.

Once upon a time, Irish mafia’s dread has hounded the world. The famous Irish mob has held the entire world on its tiptoe. But as the mob culture has waned and with the raise of Mexican cartel or Russian Mafia, now Irish people are known for their famous drinking habits.

Irish language is tricky for a newbie to understand. Their slang are tougher to understand and can handily beat the Southerns Slang (In US, the southern are famous for their uncanny slang). Ever thought what it means when someone says,

A penny for your thoughts

An arm and a leg.

At the drop of a hat.

It needs to be an Irish to understand these slang.

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