Instant Karma Pickpocketer fails in attempt to tricking innocent man

Instant Karma Pickpocketer fails

Instant Karma Pickpocketer fails in attempt to tricking innocent man. A group of pickpockter made elaborate scheme to rob an innocent person out of his wallet. Whether they become successful or the Karma avenges them is fun to watch.

A group of blocks walking along the street spots they prey – another man walking towards them.


Instant Karma Pickpocketer fails

The group immediately split and in a quick hustle grab hold of this man’s wallet.

Instant Karma Pickpocketer fails

The man immediately notices that his wallet is missing and immediately turns around.

Instant Karma Pickpocketer fails

Seeing 3 different male, he couldn’t guess who the real culprit is.

All 3 pickpocketer plays innocent role and let this guy search them one by one.

While the man is searching for his wallet, you can see these scumbags tossing his wallet from one person to another. Naturally the man doesn’t find his wallet and has to leave empty handed

Here is the interesting twist to the story. The pickpocketers while leave in happiness holding to their loot, but something else is lurking there – a twist in the story or you can call “Instant Karma”

Remember “Karma is bitch” watch how the crime is unfolded and gets folded here

Not always you will find yourself outsmarting these street thieves, so it is better to be careful than regretting afterwords.

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Instant Karma Pickpocketer fails

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