In The Virus Turmoil These Kind Hearts Are Helping The Stray Dog By Providing The Food And Shelter

In The Virus Turmoil

In The Virus Turmoil These Kind Hearts Are Helping The Stray Dog By Providing The Food And Shelter. The true test of humanity is when the time is bad. With the COVID-19 virus contagion is scaring every human being from almost every part of the world, we do not have time to think outside our personal space.

I am sure your mind is occupied about yourself and your family, nothing beyond. And this is quite natural, given that a majority of us are normal people who react to the situation quickly and tend to become protective. Only few have kind heart that goes beyond their persona life and think about rest of the world.

Until I watched this video, I too did not think that there may be stray dogs or shelter dogs who are not getting much due attention. Moreover, their basic needs such as food and shelter may be missing and given that we as a society is busy protecting ourselves, thinking if tomorrow will be arise in our life or not.

When this group of young men saw the suffering of stray dogs, they decided to do something about it. With the social distancing moratorium in place, they ensured to carry necessary protections such as face masks. Fortunately, the dog food is still not out of stock similar to the shortage of Toilet Paper rolls and hand sanitizer. These good Samaritans bought a truck full of dog food. They were on the mission to feed the entire population of stray dogs in their city.

In The Virus Turmoil

And the journey started. As you can see, smelling the food many dogs gathered around the van. After seeing the food has been served, the poor hungry animals jumped on it and enjoyed the meal brought by their new found friends.

In The Virus Turmoil

Just like our pets, these stray dogs too need only two basic things, food and little love and you can expect unconditional loyalty and tons of love in return. If you already have pets, I am sure you will echo to this sentiment.

In The Virus Turmoil

In The Virus Turmoil

The world may be coming to an end but this should not stop us, the most powerful and smart species, to hep others who are in need. Take this opportunity to share the positive feelings, do good deeds to those who really need it and I am sure you will be able to sleep peacefully.

See In The Virus Turmoil how These Kind Hearts Are Helping


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