In House Exercise Funny Fails Video Is Depressing If You Are Planning To Workout WIth Stay At Home Restrictions

In House Exercise Funny Fails Video Is Depressing If You Are Planning To Workout With Stay At Home Restrictions. Have you read the news recently where three adults were charged to booked in jail for violating Stay at home orders. This is very recent news from Colorado state. Apart from the legal repercussions, staying at home is important for the well beingness of yourself and your family.

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As we all are trying to cope up with this change in lifestyle, one key challenge remains as to how to stay fit. If you have in-home gym or treadmill, you are already covered. For those who don’t have the luxury of in house workout place and equipment, the challenges come.

As staying home or wearing the mask in public place is important, equally important is that you exercise daily. The good workout plan and executing it daily will protect you from

  • Depression due to social distancing
  • Anxiety with the constant fear of job loss or your future finances
  • Weakening immune system

Most importantly, this will also help you to spend some quality time. Several studies conducted in the past have concluded that consistently following exercise schedule help your body to release mood improving chemicals (norepinephrine and dopamine) which keeps your mind sane.

In House Exercise Funny

Now that you are all geared up to exercise at home, there are numerous challenges involved. First and foremost, space constraint. If you don’t have roomy workout area, it becomes more of a hassle than fun. Second, you will need in house gym equipment. This is not a big challenge compared to the first one. You can buy the gym equipment from Amazon for cheaper price with as low as $15-$20.

Here are the funny fails occurred when workout enthusiast tried in-house exercise but without taking precautions.

You have ordered your brand new in home gym strap. This multipurpose strap promises many muscle building exercises from home. But you failed to note the installation instructions.

In House Exercise Funny

Hang your equipment to a secure and sturdy spot. When you put excessive load on it, the poor strap has to give up and then comes rolling down on you.

In House Exercise Funny

What can go wrong with this simple dumbbell exercise. It usually doesn’t take lot of space too. But what about the height. When you reach over your head, you forget that there is a light hanging out there. I am happy that no one is electrocuted.

In House Exercise Funny

This funny fail is mainly when you hastily assemble the in home gym with the eagerness to start working out. Lady read instructions first.

We have saved the best for the end. I am still amazed how this guy managed to spring backward. Either he was too confident or too week for the weight. This is called buckling under the stress.

Anyway, watch this In House Exercise Funny Fails Video here.

Use this video as a learning so you won’t repeat these mistakes. Stay at home order is going to continue and unfortunately you have to adjust yourself to this change in lifestyle. If you are looking to get your own gym, buy the gym equipment from Amazon for cheaper price with as low as $15-$20.

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