Impress Your Hubby By Simple Latte Arts And Be The Espresso Queen

Professional barista use novel techniques to draw shapes on your foamy coffee espresso.

Many artist have gained proficiency in producing arts using chocolate powder on the surface of coffee foam called latte art

Now it’s your turn to achieve same results and we will show how easy it is

Impress your hubby by

Impress Your Hubby By Simple Coffee Arts And Be The Espresso Queen. A way to man’s heart goes through his tummy. If you believe in this idiom, here is a way to make your coffee look delicious. Very simple trick copied from your kindergartner’s book. Won’t believe, let me show you how.

If you are a regular visitor of our blog, we have published how an artist has created faces of famous personalities on the surface of coffee filled cup. The technique is called latte art. Latte Art is a method of preparing coffee created by pouring the foamy shots of espresso. On he surface make exciting patterns or designs such as leaf, heart and even human faces.

Artist Is Drawing Full

The coffee barista will decorate your coffee by drawing shapes in the top layer of foam. See how an artist is showcasing her skills of drawing human faces on espresso.

Foamy latte is poured in the cup. With little chocolate sprinkles here and there, shaking strokes of strainer and voila! your amazing espresso is here.

See the amazing latte art video here

Now it’s your turn

Now you can be that pro barista and impress your hubby’s dampened mood by serving freshly brewed but professionally decorated coffee cup.

He may wonder, with the coffee shops still closed due to lockdown from where this beautiful coffee came. Let’s not reveal our secrets. As stated earlier, this is simple as kindergartner practices at school. Take a piece of regular coffee paper. For safety, use the filter paper. Now cut the shape of your choice such as square or heart. We have cut the heart shape from the filter paper.


By now I assume your espresso is ready. Take the foamy hot espresso and place the heart shape on top.

Impress your hubby by

So far you are doing good. Now let’s sprinkle chocolate powder covering the heart shape.

Impress your hubby by

Finally, take out the heart shape and you will see your amazing creativity presented right in front of you.

Impress your hubby by

When you serve this coffee on the breakfast table and I am sure your hubby’s eyes will be rolling with the surprise. Isn’t this a simple way to impress your hubby by showing your barista skills.


Try this technique using different shapes such as leaf or flower cut from the filter paper and I am sure you will be proud of what you can achieve.

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