If you think your job is worst watch terrifying video of Power Hammer Forging going Viral on Tiktok

A video of hydraulic forging hammer in operation is trending on TiqTok. The video shows manufacturing activity in Chinese factory and dreadful work conditions in which a worker is seen forging a huge metal donut.  The speed at which the machine comes down and hammers the meta ring is horrifying. This video is another example of how unfriendly and risky work conditions in China are. The video on TikToq has collected 5.3 million views and became a trendsetter. On Twitter too, this video has collected over 250,000 likes and RetweetsIf you think your job is worst together

This is called a power hammer,  it’s is not fake or cgi. it’s in a Chinese manufacturing yard and they are making those rings in the back ground. This is how large and some small scale forging is done but this is one of the biggest I’ve seen and i have used some as a blacksmith.

Kudos to the operator who is non-stop operating the power hammer and to the guy who is on the grounds and guiding the hammer continuously. For those who think their job is worst, after watching this video I am sure you will feel lucky to not have this kind of job. By all known measures, this should be rated as one of the worst job one can get.

If you still have courage to watch something sinister and scary like this, here is another video – collection of horrifying forging factories in China

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