If You Evade Stay At Home Orders For Skate Boarding We Will Fill The Concrete Surface With Ton Of Sand

If You Evade Stay

If You Evade Stay At Home Orders For Skate Boarding We Will Fill The Concrete Surface With Ton Of Sand. This is a rude awakening for those who do not obey state issued stay at home mandates. Despite state and federal issued restrictions and guidelines, the beach, skate board parks and many other public places are seeing inflow of people. Remember, these restrictions are for our protections and to curb the spread of Coronavirus.

Despite issuing fines or warning of dire consequences public gathering can bring to our society, some people are not ready to sacrifice freedom over safety. Looking at the trend where some people were still bucking the trends and meeting in large groups, the city authorities have found novel ideas, one of which was to fill the skateboard park with sand.

If You Evade Stay

The idea was to deter the skateboard park gathering and thus reduce person to person contact.

Tons of sand has been brought to the skateboard park and filled the smooth concrete surfaces with the sand. Hopefully this will render the skateboard parks useless thus avoid large scale gathering of teens and adults who are fans of skateboarding.

Like any decision made by the government or local authorities, this one too faced both support and opposition.

The side that has supported this novel idea have come out in huge numbers congratulating the city authority. The supporters of this initiative did not forget to admonish the skateboard park lover for the waste of tax payers money city has to spend to forcefully divert them from grouping around the park.

So were the opposition. Senator Ted Cruz has expressed disappointment over this decision with comments as ‘Clearly, the greatest public- heath threat imaginable…a kid on a skateboard. Young people, remember, this is what Big-government statist Democrats do—they take away your freedom’.

Another user commented that ‘California is filling their skate parks with sand to make them unusable amid mandated lockdown. There is no scientific or medical rationale for this. This has nothing to do with a virus. This has nothing to do with protecting people. This is about power.’

If You Evade Stay

This novel idea to deter mass grouping at public parks was likened by many other authorities. Result, Skate-park turned sandbox in Queen Creek.

If You Evade Stay

This is the picture of Queen Creek park in Phoenix, Arizona. Another example if you evade stay at home orders and force governments hands.


This is happening a lot in cities but skaters are just moving the sand out of the way. That’s pure love or madness to skateboard despite quarantine orders in place.

Both supporters or opponents of this initiative agree that this money otherwise could have been used for good purpose such as providing support to city’s homeless population.

Some of the most hilarious reactions were ‘I guess all the kitty cats have their choice of where to poop.’

If You Evade Stay

Another comment was ‘No worries, going on across this country. Move along folks, nothing to see here but tax dollars being wasted once again while good Americans could use them to survive.’

I am sure city officials too do not want to divert the money for these projects but despite repetitive requests and warning when no one budge, they were forced to take such action. If You Evade Stay At Home Orders For Skate Boarding, this is what city authorities will be forced to do.

There will be additional cost to clean up the park once the lockdown is over. This is our city and country and unless we all obey the rules and mandates, things like this will happen.

Once the pandemic is over, there will be debates and arguments if the lockdown was necessary. But we all must not forget that the measures such as social distancing and lockdown have worked in many countries to flatten the curve.

Another way suggested was to follow the Canada pattern where authorities place yellow tape and a bylaw sign. That’s all. That can avoid damaging the property. However, that option was already in place for many kids park and by and large many people are obeying to the yellow tape restrictions.

Increasingly wealthy Venice Beach homeowners have been trying to make Venice more and more of a private beach. they kicked out RV’s. This is the next step to curb public gathering. We hope that some very good, positive things will come out of this lockdown. As people will learn the DOs and DON’Ts during lockdown, we as a country will be better prepared if similar calamity strikes us in future. Off course, no body would want that but always hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Some people took this opportunity to set up beach style set up using the thick bed of sea sand laid in the park.

Whatever be the case, whether you are supporting this measure or opposing it, the video of filling skateboard park with sand is amazing. Once in lifetime event and hopefully we would never see repeatation of lockdown initiatives like this in future. Until then this is just a way how is city enforcing quarantine stat at home orders.

When you see the drone view, the overall scene look splendid and marvelous. This is what happens if you evade stay at home orders.

If you evade stay at home order, naturally there will be consequences.

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