I Have Never Loved Anyone Like : 17 Love Quotes For Him And Her

Love quotes are easy way to express your love to your beloved one.

17 love quotes straight from heart for him and her.


I have never loved anyone like I love you

And I could never love anyone else but you.


I love you babe, I love you so much


This is going to be my first and last relationship


I Have Never Loved

We may not understand each other at times

but I still love you and I will never leave you


# For a good while

I Have Never Loved

I just want to lay down and rest by your side baby


# We talk about some weird stuff sometimes babe

Sometimes our conversation makes zero sense

but that’s way I love you


# I do

Offcourse I love your baby

You make everyday a better day when I am with you


# Always on my mind

I Have Never Loved

Whether I am awake or asleep

I’m always dreaming about you


# Like we always say

I promise to be there with you

forever and always.


# When I am with you

I Have Never Loved

Spend your days on my mind and

your nights in my loving arms


# You’re something else

But with you by my side,

I am more happier and healthier person


# To the moon

I Have Never Loved

I love you baby

To the moon and never coming back.


These 17 Love quotes for everyone who are in love. When you are in deep in love, every moment you spend with your bae. I have never loved is just the beginning and when you finally fall in love, you forget the world. Together you and your beloved one (boyfriend or girlfriend) becomes the world. Forgetting everything is such an amazing feeling and happen only when you are in love. You forget your school, college, your work, your parents, everything you know of this real world just to spend precious moments with your sweetheart.

# You honestly are

You are worth it all babe


# Honestly sweetheart

I Have Never Loved

My goal is to make you happy but with nothing in return,

that smile of yours is enough


# My most favorite

Alright but you are my favorite person


# You so beautiful

Your natural looks is what kills me


# You and Me

You and me forever


# And I’m still happy

I Have Never Loved

The moment you said yes to me

my whole life changed,

I am so happy that we are together as a loving couple

The love quote from her straight from his heart. I have never loved before, but now after meeting you can’t stop thinking about you. There is no moment, I think about you.

# Mood quotes for him/her

I Have Never Loved

I am not up for anything except being by your side


# You don’t understand

You don’t understand but only if you could look at yourself the way I do

You are an actual piece of art.

You absolute masterpiece.

I could look at you all day long babe.


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