Hypochondria Test Are You Suffering From The Biggest Mental Illness Of Modern Times

Person overly concerned about his wellbeingness is a type of mental illness. This illness is referred as Hypochondria.

Person suffering from Hypochondria is found to be always consulting with his doctor for any subtle changes in his health. Constantly exploring online for the signs and cure for his perceived disease. Hypochondria test is focused to find out if you are suffering from this mental disorder.



Hypochondria Test Are You Suffering From The Biggest Mental Illness Of Modern Times

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What do you do when you come in contact with someone having mild symptoms or disease?

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How do you feel when the doctor tells you should not worry about a certain symptom.

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How often do you diagnose yourself looking for information in the Internet or other media?

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Do you feel nerous when you are going to to pick up the results of a medical test?

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Do you trust your doctor when the doctor tells you should not worry about a certain symptom.

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How long does it take since you detect a moderate physical discomfort or sensation (e.g., headache, dizziness, tingling sensation, etc.) until you go to the doctor?

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What do you do when the doctor asks to have a medical test done to rule out a possible diagnosis?

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What do people around you think about your attitude towards diseases?

9 / 15

How many doctors can you consult for the same symptom or disease?

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Every time I listen to someone talking about diseases, I prefer to...

11 / 15

Do you feel worried when you have an unusual symptom or physical discomfort (such as dizziness, stabbing pain, tingling sensation, a lump, etc.)?

12 / 15

When you have a symptom that worries you, how often do you think about it?

13 / 15

How often do you look up for information about the diagnosis given (e.g., in the Internet)?

14 / 15

When you have a symptom or physical discomfort, how often do you examine or touch yourself?

15 / 15

Are you worried about having a disease?


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Hypochondria test are you suffering from the biggest mental illness of modern times. Hypochondria is a disease characterized by excessive concern and fear of having, or the certainty of having, a serious disease, which comes from the catastrophic interpretation of a body sensation or any other sign which appears in the body.

The hypochondriac person is constantly subject to a meticulous and even obsessive analysis of his body sensations or signs, convinced that he suffers from a disease. This concern and behavior interfere negatively with the different aspects of his life. Hypochondria is a mental illness and the constant worrying about having undiagnosed serious illness can lead to anxiety and depression. According to TFI, Hypochondria is characterized as the biggest mental illness of modern times.

Extreme anxiety and constant fear of  having a particular serious disease often lead to multiple visits to the doctor’s office. Since the person is not satisfied with the diagnosis provided by the medical office, the feeling of helplessness occupies person’s mind. Without any signs of help, the person can be pushed into deep depression.

Hypochondria test is quiz based approach consisting of 15 question to analyze your behaviour, first reaction towards disease and disease symptoms and most importantly how effectively you handle yourself the entire time. Take the hypochondria self assessment test to know if you show any clinically significant signs of hypochondria.

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