Hydraulic Hammer Cracks Railroad Track Bolts In Seconds Is A Must Have Tool For Every Railway Construction Crew | Satisfying Video Of Nutcracker Crushing The Bolt Under Immense Pressure

Hydraulic hammer cracks railroad

Hydraulic hammer cracks railroad track bolts in seconds is a must have tool for every railway construction crew. Have you ever walked on a railway track. A structure made of heavy iron rails laid on the subgrade and fastened together using plates and bolts. The subgrade is mostly the combination of wooden planks placed at regular intervals on ballast or gravel. These sleepers (or railroad ties) hold the steel rails in place and make sure the gauge a.k.a distance between two steel rails consistently stays the same along the path.

It is the heavy nuts and bolts that joins the steel rails together and also to the sleepers. The bolts play important role in the railroad construction.


Railroad Repair Challenges

Hydraulic hammer cracks railroad

As the structure is made using heavy items, the maintenance of railroad is not easy. Under heavy load of the trains running over these track and environmental effects, the steel rails are susceptible to bend or buckle over the period of time. This makes routine maintenance of the tracks very important.

The main challenge every maintenance company faces is of time crunch. You don’t have the luxury of keeping the track closed while repair work in going on. Rather, most of the time the maintenance crew carry out their repairs with the railways still ferrying on it. This give arise to the need of tools and equipment that can boost speed of maintenance work.

Introducing you to a handheld but very powerful nutcracker. This piece of equipment that runs on hydraulic power truly justifies it’s name.


Nutcracker – Hydraulic Hammer Cracks Railroad Track Bolts

Hydraulic hammer cracks railroad

The bolts are often rusted and hence can’t be easily removed. The only option left is to break the railroad bolts, perform the maintenance work and replace them with the new bolts. Due to the sheer size of these bolts, it’s not easy to crack them. You need exponential energy that can literally crush these bolts.

But here is the solution. Any maintenance job is made easy when you use the nutcracker. The construction of this tool is simple. Two prongs encapsulated in a socket. You hold the socket around any bolt you want to break into pieces.

The hydraulic force pushes metal fangs into the bolt. As the metal fangs progress, the bolt starts cracking and breaking apart. Within few seconds the nutcracker is capable of breaking the railroad bolt into two pieces, that too without damaging the screw.


Hydraulic hammer cracks railroad

A very important tool to carry by all railroad maintenance crew. Assured way to expedite the routine repair work and produce desired results in shorted time.


Satisfying Video Of Nutcracker Cracking The Bolt Under Pressure

When the bolt is gripped using nutcracker, rest of the steps are automatic. Under tremendous pressure, the bolt is squeezed and cut into two pieces. The two pieces fall apart exposing the bare screw.

Squeezing thick metal under pressure and then crushing it is immensely satisfying to watch.

I personally watched this video multiple times but still don’t feel to be satisfied. When you start watching this video, pleasure seeking neurons in your brain receives chemicals necessary to generate the feeling of satisfaction.

Watch the video multiple times and experience the feeling of odd satisfaction in the end. Watch this video before sleep and I am sure your mind will instantly become empty and thoughts will be replaced by crushing effects of the bolt.

Once your mind is empty of stressful thoughts or life events, you can catch quite and peaceful sleep. The art of quite sleep lies in tricking your brain into forgetting the stressful thoughts and painful events. This video does exactly the same.

Give a try and see if this video makes any positive difference in your sleeping habits.

Watch how the Hydraulic Hammer Cracks Railroad Track Bolts In Seconds


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