How Twenty Dollar Bill Has Predicted COVID19 Coronavirus Is Hard To Believe | Logical Explanation of USA Twenty Dollar Bill Design

In a hard to believe video user explains the relation between twenty dollar bill and Corona virus

How twenty dollar bill

How twenty dollar bill has predicted COVID19 Coronavirus. Social media platform is full of theories on how the things have happened or how the truth is different than what it shows and many more. The users or groups that tailspin an otherwise normal looking incident to whole new dimension make us disbelieve in our own logic. Sometimes the explanation provided is so foolproof that we even believe in them and ignore the facts. This phenomenon is called as conspiracy theory or deep state.

Conspiracy theory, a term widely used in conjunction with political parties is now becoming part of mainstream chatter. There are many Facebook or YouTube videos that make you believe that the story published on news outlets are far from the actual facts. Then there are videos that will try to decipher simple looking things and why the things are designed in a particular way or what secret message it carries.

We all are wise to understand what’s real and fake. I love reading through the conspiracy theories or watching deciphering videos just for fun and nothing beyond.

Here is another video surfaced on TikTok explaining how the twenty dollar bill has accurately predicted Coronavirus.

Twenty Dollar Bill Design

How twenty dollar bill

Gone are the days when we use to carry paper currently. With everything becoming digital, these days a twenty dollar bill is nothing but number 20 in our digital wallet or bank account. But if you happen to get hands on dollar bills in various denominations such as $1, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100, review them carefully as each currency explain the US history in details and how it relates to nations greatest presidents or well known figures.

For instance on the Twenty Dollar bill, it carry the seventh U.S. president, Andrew Jackson on the front and picture of white house with green bushes on the back.

Conspiracy theory or coincidence

As goes one users explanation, very plausible of course, the focus has been kept on the back side of twenty dollar bill and how it relates to the current pandemic of Coronavirus.

How twenty dollar bill

Now if you look at the back side of your twenty dollar bill (for those who are unemployed and don’t have any money left, refer the image above, this is how dollar bills look and get satisfied), there are two green shrubs. Focus on them as they are part of this logical explanation.

Fold the bill into four equal parts.

How twenty dollar bill

Now bend the first part on the left hand side and match it with the other quarter on the right. A new figure is formed.

How twenty dollar bill

Does this new figure resembles to COVID19 aka Coronavirus. If you believe, then we can say the US Twenty Dollar bill in 1928 has predicted the Coronavirus.

How twenty dollar bill

For those naysayers, it’s just fun. Watch it and move on.


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