How To Survive Dooms Day Scenario A Video Guide Teaching How To Hunt Cook And Stay Alive

How To Survive Dooms Day Scenario A Video Guide. Looking at the speed at which coronavirus is spreading, naturally the dooms day speculations strike our mind. Is the world nearing to an end, can I and my family survive this pandemic. Despite all possible precautions such as stay at home mandates, quarantine camps and practicing social distancing, the fact remains the same that this single virus has brought the entire world to its knees. We are going to share A Video Guide Teaching How To Hunt Cook And Stay Alive.

Despite being world’s most developed and advanced country, the situation at home land is not different. This COVID19 has added one more feather to out crown as world’s highest number of Corona virus cases and death resulted due to it. If you are wondering how to survive dooms day scenario, if our worst imaginations come true, keep reading.

Preppers – a term which I didn’t hear until now is becoming a known word. Last hope if the world come to an end. Basically prepper is a person who readies himself for world wide emergencies such as the one at hand. So far the preppers were been scoffed and made fun of. Now everyone is a prepper. If you don’t believe me, look at the toilet paper stash you have collected or remember when was last time you stood in long lines at Trader’s Joe or Costco for shopping.

How To Survive Dooms

For the answer of How To Survive Dooms Day Scenario, get this life saver kit

Preppers movement is based on Survivalism. It’s a movement of individuals or groups who actively prepare for emergencies, including possible disruptions in social or political order.

If you want to up your game in this battle for survival, we have a video guide, kind of A to Z survival booklet. Our buddy will teach you how to survive without any modern tools and equipment. (Don’t worry, I am sure world will not come to an end, but this video will show you how the stone age life was or how the life in remote part of the world is)

How To Survive Dooms

I am amazed by this man’s daily routine. Without any modern tools or sophistication instruments, he is managing to carry out hunting of the fish, prepping the fish using naturally available stones.

How To Survive Dooms

Even the woke he is using seems to be some form of earthenware.

How To Survive Dooms

He knows how to lit the fire and fire up the fish.

How To Survive Dooms

If and if that day comes, I definitely would like to stay close to this guy as I am sure until Nova arrives, he can keep me alive. If you live in flood prone area or area where tornadoes hit frequently, this video can give you generic idea as to how to hunt your food, prepare it and stay alive until 911 help arrives.

People who visit the lake side vacation cabin, give this stone age lifestyle experience to your kid. A cell phone free life, close to nature will sure be a good family bonding exercise. At least you will feel satisfactory to show your kids scout like training or how the navy seals survive in adverse conditions.

Hope for the best, but always prepare for the worst. 

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