How To Make Your Poodle Fly Using This Trick

Women’s creativity has made her poodle fly up in the air.

Adorable video shows the poodle enjoyed this first flying experience.

How to make your poodle fly

How to make your poodle fly using this trick. As goes the famous saying “pigs can’t fly” same is true with your dog. Dogs don’t fly too. So this pet owner thought of something novel, something very unique. The trick is simple and many of us already tried it without much success.

During our childhood, the high flying birthday balloons gave us an idea, a dream and inspiration of how to fly or if we could fly too. So our first flying attempt was using the birthday balloons. Tying ourselves to the balloons and many of it, our childhood attempt however did not end up well and soon we realized that these balloons can’t take out weight.

Well, this very same idea used by the pet owner to make her poodle fly. All she did was bought bunch of Helium filled balloons and see if the balloons can life her dog up in the air.

How to make your poodle fly

Safety first, before trying anything on her poodle, all the precautions such as flying glasses and gears were put on. If the experiment works, it will be the first maiden flight of her poodle. So she tried everything possible to make her poodle’s first ever flying experiment memorable.

As the stage was set and ready, so was the poodle. Balloons were tied to poodle’s vest. Surprisingly the balloons were able to life the poodle up.

How to make your poodle fly

Not only just a wee bit, but they continued to take him higher and higher.

How to make your poodle fly

In no time, the poodle was flying high touching the ceiling. A mix of happiness and surprise of getting to fly expressions can be seen on poodle’s happy face.

Watch in action How To How to make your poodle fly using this trick


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