How To Make Toothpaste Cloud Bigger Than An Elephant Using Coca Cola And One Secret Ingredient

How to make toothpaste cloud bigger than an Elephant using Coca Cola and one secret ingredient. By now you may have seen Coke and mentos explosion videos. If you already don’t know the concept, when Mentos is added to the Coke bottle the soda not only gushes out but erupts like a volcano. There are many videos showing explosion effect achieved when mentos is mixed with Coke.

The funny part about Mentos and Coke chemistry is that actually there is no chemical activity involved, rather the eye popping effects are achieved as a result of physics.

The mentos candy has a unique surface which when meet Coke particles act as a catalyst to release the gas from the beverage. Many people have tried achieving similar effects using other mint candies but those experiments have failed. The eruption you get when you mix Mentos and Coke is generated by the rough coating of the candy, which causes lots of bubbles to form rapidly on its surface when it’s placed in a carbonated beverage.

How to make toothpaste cloud

Do you know when you put Mentos in your mouth, this rough surface quickly dissolve. Now if you mix this Mentos with smooth surface in Coke container, no eruption or release of gas can happen. Strange science, isn’t it?

Let’s make toothpaste to explode using Diet Coke

Now we are using similar principals to achieve even more awesome effects, creating a toothpaste cloud. For this experiment, the ingredients are

  • Toothpaste – 3 to 4 colgate or any other prominent brand toothpaste
  • Coca Cola – 2 to 3 two littler container
  • Secret ingredient

Preparations for science experiment

This trick is strictly meant for outdoor fun. Do not try it inside your home. Open wide area is preferred. Most important, we strongly suggest an adult to perform this experiment and kids should stay away at safe distance for better view.

Lets squeeze out the toothpaste in the hole already dug in the ground. Squeeze and empty the toothpaste.

How to make toothpaste cloud

Next is pour the Coke containers in the same hole on top of toothpaste. Don’t worry nothing will happen.

Finally, it’s time to pour our secret ingredient. This ingredient acts as a catalyst activating quick release of gas from the carbonated drink. Our secret ingredient is so potent, it will release tons of gas. Result, you will see a huge toothpaste cloud gushing out of the hole.


How to make toothpaste cloud

Soon the cloud even start flying in the air to meet and mix with other clouds. Awesome isn’t it?

How to make toothpaste cloud

The toothpaste has now become so big than it can now be used by elephants to brush their tusks. We call it as creating elephant toothpaste.

Love science, I am sure you will love to see how the simple toothpaste explode into Elephant’s toothpaste.

Watch how to make toothpaste cloud.

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