How To Make Fanta Can Disappear Is Insane Science | Dissolve Soda Can To Make It Clear And Transparent

Make Fanta Can Disappear

Ever wondered what are the soda can really made of. Try to crush the soda can using hands and you will instantly know that it’s made up of some metal. Once crushed or deformed, the can can’t take its original shape back which is common with any sheet metal. If you search online, you will find the answer that the cans are primarily made of Aluminium. Is it really made up of Aluminium. The answer lies in insane science experiment of how to make Fanta can disappear.

How To Make Fanta Can Disappear

The experiment is simple. We want to unearth the true content of a supposedly Aluminium soda can. For this experiment let’s collect required items

The main item is NaOH (Sodium Hydroxide). Other items you can collect from your kitchen.

I used Fanta can as the inside bright orange color was given much needed effects to my science experiment.

Insane Science Experiment To Make Aluminium Can Completely Transparent

Now that you have collected all needed items, let’s proceed to the first step. The printing on the outer layer of soda can needs to be removed as we will primarily be playing with the metal.

Using sand paper buff the outer layer of soda can. As much as possible take out the printed label, instructions from the diameter of the can. Once the ink is scrubbed, your can will look like this.

Make Fanta Can Disappear


In a bowl add water (sufficient enough to completely immerse our can) then add Sodium Hydroxide.

Make Fanta Can Disappear

You can buy the Sodium Hydroxide in pure form from Amazon or it is commonly found in the drain cleaner.

Note : Sodium Hydroxide solution is a very corrosive liquid and is especially dangerous to skin and eyes. Always wear protective gloves before handling Sodium Hydroxide.

As soon as you add Sodium Hydroxide in the water, the exothermic reaction (heat dissipation) will start. The fumes coming from the water and Sodium Hydroxide combination generates lot of heat. Don’t inhale these fumes as they are caustic.

Make Fanta Can Disappear

Open the soda can and using skewer or tooth pick hold it up. The can must be opened else the reaction between Sodium Hydroxide and Aluminium metal may explode the can.

Make Fanta Can Disappear

Immerse the can into the bowl and let it settle for an hour. You will find many bubbles formation due to the reaction between Sodium Hydroxide and Aluminium.

After one hour all the Aluminium will be consumed by Sodium Hydroxide. That means, your can should completely dissolve. However, instead of dissolving into Sodium Hydroxide, the Fanta can becomes clear and transparent with the inside orange soda clearly visible from outside. Isn’t that a magic or insane science.

how to make Fanta

This is how to make Fanta can disappear. Completely insane science experiment.


What Is Soda Can Made Of?

What else lies in the body of the can is quite interesting. Let’s explore the science behind making of soda can

This strong and anti-rust metal is primarily used to manufacture the soda cans. However, there is a protective lining made of resin sits inside the Aluminium. While the Aluminium dissolves in Sodium Hydroxide, this protective lining stays intact thus making the soda can appear clear and transparent.

This is what makes Fanta can disappear. Watch in action how the Fanta Can becomes completely clear and transparent.


Insane Science Experiment Level Up

how to make Fanta

Since we are talking about insane science, let’s take our knowledge one level up. By and large all aluminum cans are manufactured with the inner protective resin layer. That being said, can we try dipping coke can into Sodium Hydroxide.

This is how the coke can looks after interacting with Sodium Hydroxide for one hour.

how to make Fanta

Got some beer, why not to try with them to. In this experiment, we have tried Heineken, Budweiser and Birell.

Make Fanta Can Disappear

Immersed them into Sodium Hydroxide to make them disappear too. After staying in water for about 1 hour, we have the results out.

Isn’t that amazing.

how to make Fanta

If you too loved the science experiment of How to make Fanta can disappear, try with other brands such as Redbull and share your experience in the comments section.

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