How To Go Crazy In 6 Steps To Achieve A Perfect Blackface | Effect of quarantine already driving people nuts

How To Go Crazy

How To Go Crazy In 6 Steps To Achieve A Perfect Blackface. Effect of quarantine driving people nuts. If you think the quarantine is driving you crazy, well think again as the worst hasn’t been seen. We are still in the early stage of Coronavirus pandemic and looking at the trends and predictions, we are in it for a long haul.

People are already going crazy or feeling depressed. The coronavirus has created awareness about PTSD – Post traumatic stress disorder as many people including the first responders are susceptible to the mental stress due to this virus outbreak.

When you loose your mind or about to loose your mind over Coronavirus, let me know how to go nuts and banana. Refer our how to go crazy in 6 steps guide. If you try something utterly crazy like this, all your stress will go away in one go. This is similar to the medically proven analogy where psychologist help you achieve burst of emotions in controlled atmosphere. Once you let your emotions burst out, the mind and brain become empty after shedding this unwanted baggage. In medical term this therapy is called as CBP – Cognitive Behaviorist Therapy.

Assuming you are ready to go absolute crazy, here is how to

Go in your backyard

Find half full bag of Charcoal Briquettes. If you don’t have one, get it at Amazon or Home Depot.

That’s what you need to create your own perfect blackface. Now put the bag of charcoal briquettes around your head

Shake vigorously

Ta. da…your perfect blackface is ready.

Now go to your front door and let others see you. Your neighbors will understand the stress your are going through and will express sympathy. If you live on a busy street, stand in the dark area to scare others who are daring to step outside despite lockdown. That way you will get the happiness of send people back their home and save their and others life from spreading the infection.


How To Go Crazy

Once you see what mess you have done, cleaning the backyard and yourself will take lot of time. Forget about depression, but fearing what your wife would do to you, you will get rid of fatigue and all known symptoms of PTSD, Agoraphobia and all mental illnesses. Hope these steps will help you come out of quarantine gloom, fresh your mind and brain so you can go back to your den to follow for many more weeks of stay at home mandates.

We have prepared a video as easy reference incase you don’t follow any of the above steps. Watch how to go crazy…


Quarantine Can Make You

Get rid of your depression quickly, else it will bog you down just like the girl in the video below


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