How To Get Latest Smart phone For FREE. This Trick works all the time

How To Get Latest Smart phone For FREE

A woman has stole the limelight by simply showing trick how to get FREE CELLPHONE from the store. Guess what, this trick will work on all latest models of iPhone, Samsung and other leading brands.

The trick is simple – Rob the store if you can’t afford the phone. So fat it has worked well for her as she is still unidentified. I guess if you’re going to rob someone, you really should just rob the hell out of them. Think “speak softly and carry a giant stick”, except “rob stores and make sure everyone in the area knows about it by using something that can speak louder than words.”

And despite the flagrancy of this woman’s robbery, she actually got away, as Fayetteville Police need help identifying her. The robbery happened Monday, August 7, at a Sprint Store located at 7830 Good Middling Drive in Fayetteville, North Carolina (shout out J. Cole)

Police say the unidentified woman walked into the Sprint store carrying a large military-style. She then demanded cell phones from the store clerk. What is shocking in this trending new is that this women is very tiny and the courage or trick she has shown and managed to be successful with it is remarkable.

A woman entered a Sprint store in North Carolina. Per the information shared by some reporters, the woman who robbed a Sprint store because she didn’t get her phone on time, I don’t know what to think. This shows how to get a free phone from AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile or Sprint. I am pretty sure she was angry with Sprint staff than 

Don’t try this trick as this may land you into in trouble with Law enforecement. 

According to ABC:, she then fled in a dark blue Mazda.

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