How To Fool The Parking Meter Using Simple Homemade Tool Can Let Your Meter Time Extended For Hours | Downtown Visitors Should Use This Hack To Trick The Parking Meter

How to fool the parking meter using simple homemade tool can let your meter time extended for hours.

A trick taught by homeless man as a return of favor when I helped him. What he showed me a truly amazing

How to fool the parking meter

For those who often visit downtown area, learn how to fool the parking meter. Use this hack to trick the parking meter which inturn can save you hundreds of dollars. But beware tricking parking meter using tools like this is not only illegal but if you are caught, can result in fines and punishment.

When roaming downtown, you will see two extreme sides of life. On one side the sprawling high-rise building flaunting the unimaginable wealth the corporate culture generates, whereas on the other side there are hoards of homeless people struggling to meet basic needs such as food and shelter.

How to fool the parking meter

If you are visiting downtown other than work purpose, you tend to become sympathetic towards the homeless people, trying to offer some help either in the form of food or money or both. It’s a human nature to appreciate the help and try to return the favor if possible.

My story of visiting downtown when I spotted this amazing hack

I had similar experience roaming around downtown. As usual a struggle for finding a parking spot began. After finding empty parking spot, search for the quarters began. I usually do not carry coins thinking that my credit card can hep, however the downtown parking meters (still continuing from the stone age era needs coins as the card slot wasn’t even working, don’t know why do they have non functioning credit card slot).

Luckily I found couple of quarters and few dollar bills. Those 2 quarters were sufficient to park my car for full 30 minutes. But my plans were to stay little longer means I have to get more coins. If you are lucky, some of the restaurants will allow you to exchange dollar bills for quarters but the chances are low. Without much hope I started looking for places where I can exchange dollar bills for quarters.

I quickly spotted a restaurant and entered inside to get some coins. The restaurant staff was polite but ran out of all coins. I had to step out searching for another place. As soon as stepped out, I met a homeless guy sitting outside, along the walls of the restaurant. From his appearance I don’t think this guy has eaten anything for the past several hours. I was in a dilemma whether to continue searching other stores for coins or handover those dollar bills to the homeless guy. It wasn’t much of help, may be he could buy a burger and fries from that money.

It didn’t take long for me to decide that downtown sightseeing can happen anytime later but at moment this homeless man needs that money more than anything. I handed few dollars to him and decided to turn back to my parking spot and drive home.

How does the parking meter hack work

After handing money to the homeless man, I was expecting either ‘Thank you’ or a gesture of similar sort. To my surprise the homeless man walked with me to the place where my car was parked. I was scared thinking that he may demand for more money. Feeling nervousness due to the presence of unwanted company, I literally dragged myself to my car.

As soon as we reach, this guy went to the parking meter. He took out something green and started prodding the meter. When I went close by, this is what I saw.

It was a simple plastic strip with a quarter attached to the other end. The guy has swiftly inserted the quarter and moved back and forth. As soon as he started moving the same quarter back and forth, my parking time started increasing.

How to fool the parking meter

By the time he was done, in few seconds my parking meter was showing a whopping 7 hours of parking time available. I was not only surprised but happy seeing that my plans to see the downtown hasn’t been cancelled.

How to fool the parking meter

It was my turn to say thank you to this amazing genius. But by the time I turned around to say thank you, the man has disappeared. That defining moment has firmed my belief in good karma. If you do something good, something good will happen to you.

Needless to mention, though tempting I did not try to make similar tools of my own (I don’t go downtown often so crafting similar to save few dollars wasn’t worth taking all the risk associated with it). But the homemade hack was truly amazing. I admired his brain and ideas to come up with a hack or tool that can trick the parking meter.

Checkout the video of parking meter hack – How to fool the parking meter works.

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