How To Fool A Drunkard | Revenge Story How A Kid Fooled An Adult In Pretense Of Help

Video show how a smart move can foil your attempt to shoot a good TikTok video

Next generation is smart when it comes to fooling the adults


how to fool a drunkard

How to fool a drunkard. Revenge story how a kid fooled an adult in pretense of help. In an interesting development, a smart kid has foiled this dudes attempt to shoot TikTok video. One smart move at the right time can leave you baffled and spoil all your plans. This video can prove a perfect example to that.

A middle aged dude wanted to shoot TikTok trick showing how to get the booze from the other side of the fence. The plot was simple and boring to show how you can life up a wine bottle step by step to the top of the fence. For a second I was in split mind as this trick is widely posted on all social media platforms.

As I was about to swipe this TikTok video and heading for the next one, an entrant in this video increased my curiosity. It was a young kid who approached the man with innocence.

how to fool a drunkard

The dude who wanted to shoot this video, chose some amazing props; two expensive wine bottles. With the quarantine in place, wine is our new friend giving us a company everytime we need it. In some countries where strict lockdown is in place, wine has become the most coveted commodity due to the wine shops been closed for Coronavirus.

Now the props are set, the trick began. Mind you it’s a quite boring trick and any kindergartener can show you this trick.

how to fool a drunkard

While the dude in the video managed to life one wine bottle half way through, a smart kid entered the scene. In the pretext of helping the adult, he offered some help. Lifted the second bottle and stoved into the empty hand of the guy attempting to shoot this video.

Now with both hands stuck up in awkward position and wine bottles in both hands, the real question left for this dude is how to rescue himself from this tricky situation. I am sure if no one comes around to help, this dude will have to throw the wine bottle just to rescue himself. A good way to tangle and trick a drunkard.

How an attempt to shoot TikTok video was foiled. Watch here how to fool a drunkard.


The original video posted on TikTok has become quite popular. Trick when is backfired is kind of most admired topic these day. Looks like people find sadistic interest in watching other person fails. Another example when your original script though goes wrong, your video turns out to be popular (for wrong reason offcourse)


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