How To Cheat Attending Online Classes Quarantine Day Homeschooling Tricks

The virus pandemic has caused all schools and colleges closed due to lockdown.

Online learning can be boring so we have a video to teach you how to cheat on attending online classes.

How to cheat attending online classes

How to cheat attending online classes quarantine day homeschooling tricks. Coronavirus has not only affected the businesses and shops but it has also removed the major backbone of our day to day life, schools. All schools and colleges have been closed and chances are high that the current academic year will be a complete wash.

Naturally hundreds and thousands of kids have now to shift to homeschooling. Guess what, your mom and dad will now be your new teachers. Quite astonishingly boring, isn’t it?

But here is a silver lining, the technological advancement has now offered shift in teaching. Results, schools and colleges are now offering online classes. While this has excited the parents given that their kids can continue to advance in learning academically that too through school teachers, this hasn’t been taken in good spirit by many students.

School and colleges are more for fun than learning. You meet your friends, have fun on the play ground and rarely think of attending the classes. Now all that fun is gone, students are experiencing this new reality attending classes without benefits.

If you think the technology is available only to the school administration, think again. As the technology is benefiting the schools and colleges to connect with student, conduct online learning so are the students. Watch how the advanced technology can be used to skip online classes so you can enjoy playing video games.

How to cheat attending online classes

Online classes are conducted using video conferencing software such as Zoom Video, Google Classroom, Microsoft Skype and many more. Can these software be fooled. Well, if you use your brain and imagination, anything is possible. Now your iPhone can come to your rescue (don’t worry, if you don’t have iPhone as any smart phone can help). Take a nice short video where you pretend to attend the class by focusing attentively on your laptop screen.

How to cheat attending online classes

You are through with the first step. Now mount your iPhone on the phone mount. If you don’t have one, get the Gooseneck Bed Phone Holder Mount as its flexible and can adjust to your requirements. 

The gooseneck phone holder is designed to: watch Netflix handsfree while laying in bed or sofa, use facetime with families on the desk, read recipes in the kitchen. And it also works as a tripod if you want to take time-lapse videos or take a photo with a friend. As you phone is mounted facing the laptop, adjust position angle and that’s pretty much it.

How to cheat attending online classes

Now finally play the video you have recorded earlier. You professor will continue to believe that you are physically present watching the online classroom presentation whereas you can be somewhere else. I am sure some of your smart friends may figure out the idea, especially your boyfriend of girlfriend who will be more focused on you than the classroom. But do’t worry he or she won’t disclose your secret to the teacher and chances are high that your girlfriend seeing this wild side of you may start loving you more.

How to cheat attending online classes

This gadget or camera mount tool not only helps to evade online classes, but you can attach to your desk or bed and do Facetime or video chat with your friends, completely handsfree.

Watch how to cheat attending online classes quarantine day homeschooling tricks. A very useful lifehack fro students.

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