How Social Media Presence Is Resulting In Influencer Suffering From Anorexia Nervosa Eating Disorder

How Social Media presence is leading many into psychological illness of Anorexia Nervosa. The social media fame and frenzy is increasingly becoming the main cause for this illness in modern era.

In the quest of staying slim and fit, many social media personalities are forced into eating disorder illness and compulsive exercises.

How Social Media Presence

How social media presence is resulting in Influencer suffering from Anorexia Nervosa eating disorder. The dramatic rise of Instagram influencers or commonly known as social media influencers is also fueling the rat race amongst them. These influencers have now realized the potential they carry to sway the opinion or promote products and brands and most importantly the huge payout generated.

The huge earning potential is also leading them to Anorexia Nervosa, a mental illness related to eating disorder.

Why Are Instagram Influencers Raved So Much

Thousands of amateurish are trying to become influencers mainly due to the huge payout one can earn by influencing the community. But only few are manage to become successful. The reason of their success is mainly the personality, body looks and picture perfect appearance which many common people lack.

When a slim and flit woman promotes a beauty product or fitness supplement, we start believing in the product thinking that if it has worked for them, it will surely work for us too.

How Social Media Presence

How social media presence is impacting the life. Imagine of a fat lady or someone without perfect abs is promoting fitness product or beauty products. Chances are 100% times we may simply ignore that post. This public demand is forcing these influencers to stay in shape, retain their slim and fit body physique. This is where the compulsive exercises begins. A phase in the life (or should I say, bad phase in the life) where person becomes obsessed by controlling the diet just to maintain body shape.


Notable Instagram Influencers With Slim And Fit Physique That People Follow

How Social Media Presence

Take Instagrammers Kelly and Kody. Both have gained popularity not because they do anything different but mainly due to their perfectly fit body contours and shapes. Kelly is perfectly aware of this and doesn’t leave any chance to showcase her perfectly flat abs or flaunt different body parts against the beautiful and scenic backdrops.

Here is the infinity pool photo shoot at The Kayon Jungle Resort that has driven the internet crazy.


View this post on Instagram

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A post shared by The Kayon Jungle Resort (@kayonjungleresort) on


Now take a look at the beautiful view of the same pool. No doubt, it’s a beautiful scene and many have posted pictures of this pool before. What has made this Kayon Jungle Resort so famous is the presence of two beautiful human beings in their perfect shape, showcasing what a common person with normal physic lacks.

Want to know more about this exotic location, Mind you this tourist spot is only for the adults. Kayon Jungle Resort for Adult Only. Just one example showing how social media presence is impacting the influencers.

Another Example

Here is another photo shoot posted on Instagram that has attracted user’s attention.

Tell me honestly, are you loving the beautiful scene behind or simply liked this picture due to the presence of slim and fit couple standing in the middle. In order to remain fit, naturally requires controlled diet, exercises that will firm you abs and body muscles. When you exercise more or follow strict dies including skipping meals, you are leading to the psychological illness called Anorexia Nervosa eating disorder.

The real life Barbie Valeria Valerievna Lukyanova aka Human Barbie

Influencer Suffering From Anorexia

In another case of how social media presence is impacting the influencers and leading them to Anorexia Nervosa. Meet another Instagram influencer Valeria who is also known as human barbie. Remind me why is Barbie famous and loved by kids and adults. The plastic doll has glorified our desire to achieve size zero coupled with perfect 34-24-34 body contour. Valeria with her natural beauty and uncanny similarity with barbie become instafamous on social media platform.

But as age progressed, it wasn’t easy for Valeria to retina the petite shape and figure. If you explore more about this human Barbie social media influencer, you will also see the dark side of her story. How she is struggling to stay extra slim and the sacrifices she has to make.

On the surface Valeria still answers her fans questions by spreading positive message but underneath the surface she is a perfect example of compulsive exercises and Anorexia Nervosa eating disorder.

Hello Valeria, what if people constantly betray?
what to do in such a situation? “I think the whole point is that you judge people by yourself, thinking that since you are good or good, are they the same? But this is not so. There are more bad people. More dirty, fallen and envious, than strong, bright, pure and noble!
If you believe that there are only God’s dandelions around,


Are We Learning From Our Mistakes

Though we know that strictly controlling diet can sometimes be life threatening but we still tend to choose this path. Answer honestly, how many times you have felt the need of controlling your diet just to retain your shape because there is an important social gathering planned next week or your friends marriage coming up. As summer approaches, there is hear of women who stop eating pizza or forcibly include salad and sprouts in their diet just to achieve the perfect beach body.

Here is the quote by another Instagram Influencer when people pointed out that she is becoming extra slim and skinny.

It’s so sad to see that you were in the path to recovery and now you’re back on looking to trigger reactions out of people.


Anorexia Noervosa Test

Concerned about how social media presence is impacting your life, take this quiz based anorxia noervosa test to see if you too are suffering from it. Review our another post – Anorexia Noervosa Test Are You Suffering From Serious Life-Threatening Psychological Disorder And Compulsive Exercise | Eating Disorder In Which Person Is Obsessed To Achieve Significant Weight Loss



Anorexia Noervosa Test Eating Disorder Test

1 / 30

After eating too much, do you do physical exercise to prevent yourself from gaining weight?

2 / 30

Do you do daily exercise that involves physical exhaustion with the purpose of losing weight?

3 / 30

Are there any people concerned with your eating habits?

4 / 30

Do you find it difficult to eat something just for pleasure and enjoy it?

5 / 30

Are you ashamed of your body?

6 / 30

Do you lie to others about the amount of food you eat?

7 / 30

Do you usually go on a strict diet?

8 / 30

Do you frequently think about what food you can eat and in what quantities?

9 / 30

Do you often feel guilty after eating your food?

10 / 30

Do you suffer from amenorrhea (missing of at least three consecutive menstrual periods)? (If you are of the male sex, choose “NEVER”)?

11 / 30

Do you feel ashamed of your eating habits?

12 / 30

Do you think that, in spite of being underweight, it is very unlikely that you may have physical problems?

13 / 30

Can you eat high-calorie food without feeling guilty?

14 / 30

Do you check your weight daily?

15 / 30

Do you feel anxious before meals?

16 / 30

Is there any food that you do not eat or that is forbidden for its high caloric value?

17 / 30

Do you fast periodically to lose weight?

18 / 30

Do you check your physical appearance daily by looking at yourself in the mirror?

19 / 30

Have you had significant weight fluctuations in the last few months?

20 / 30

Do you usually resort to binges and then have compensating attitudes to avoid gaining weight?

21 / 30

Do you consider physical appearance to be extremely important?

22 / 30

Do you think you are overweight even when other people tell you that your weight is normal or that you are thin?

23 / 30

Do you feel at ease with your weight?

24 / 30

Do you count the calories of all the food you eat?

25 / 30

Do you feel at ease with your physical appearance?

26 / 30

Do you usually cut food in very little pieces before eating it?

27 / 30

Are you terrified at the idea of putting on weight?

28 / 30

Have you ever taken pills, diuretics or laxatives to force yourself to vomit or lose weight?

29 / 30

Do you calculate the food portions which are adequate to eat?

30 / 30

Do you often ask your relatives or friends if you are fat?


How much you enjoyed this quiz.


Warning Signs And Red Flags Of Anorexia Nervosa eating disorder

Please beware of these flashing signs to know if your obsession to stay fit and slim is driving you to anorexia nervosa. Observe your diet, behaviour to see if you show any below listed signs.

  • Unusually strict diet
  • Skipping Meal altogether
  • Always count the calories in your food
  • Checking your weight daily
  • Taking pills, diuretics or laxatives to force yourself to vomit or lose weight
  • Excessive exercise that involves physical exhaustion with the purpose of losing weight
  • Frequently thinking about what food to eat and quantity of the food
  • Feeling guilty after eating the meal
  • Anxiousness before eating meal
  • Finding it difficult to eat something just for pleasure and enjoy it

If you find any abnormal eating disorder signs, or if the test results confirm you are suffering from Anorexia Nervosa, you may very likely to be starting to suffer, or even suffering for some time, from anorexia nervosa. We suggest that you consult a mental health professional so that he confirms this diagnosis and decides if you need treatment, since your behavior is undoubtedly affecting your daily life. This way, he may give you tools that will help you solve your problem.

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