How Our Politicians Speech Create MEME Dripping With Fun And Laughter | Politicians Whether Useful Or Not But Surely Can Give Us Reason To Laugh

How political leader’s speech used in right context can create fun and laughter.

Some political leaders simple sentences are funnier than many famous jokes. Enjoy political Meme for fun.

How Our Politicians Speech

How our politicians speech create meme dripping with fun and laughter. Politicians whether useful or not but surely can give us reason to laugh. We generally try to stay away from political drama and do not side with any political party of any country. Keeping entertainment as main motive, we sometimes get tempted to post political memes.

Scenario, A White House staff has tested positive for Coronavirus. While this is a sad news, but also shows that the virus can penetrate even the elite. This shows no one is immune to this virus. I personally feel sorry for the news reporters and politicians who do not have the liberty of social distancing and out of our nation’s interest these leaders are forced to handshake or hug leaders from other countries.

Then there are briefing, round the clock meetings where they see hundreds of people in and out per day. This naturally exposes our political leaders to Coronavirus aka COVIS-19. Results, some of the nation’s well known political figures and their staff have contacted with Coronavirus.

I will also put out Hollywood celebrities, Singers and musicians in the same bucket where these famous personalities are interacting with thousands of fans on day to day basis thus inviting inevitable exposure to Coronavirus.

As we all can stay confined indoor, minimize contact with outside world, the celebrities and political leaders do not have this luxury. Rather being on frontline to assess situation, take decisions, steer the task force and necessary resources in proper direction they have to continue seeing and meeting people in person.

Anyway, how a simple speech can turn into meme. When you read or listen to our politicians quotes in two different context, the memes are created. As the political situation closely relates to our day to day affairs, the impact of these meme is quite huge. If you love the meme you may burst into tears due to laughter and non-stop laugh. On the other side, if you do not like the context in which it has been used, you may feel disappointed.

Checkout the Coronavirus testing meme resulted from Politician’s statement

How Our Politicians Speech

Original Statement :

TRUMP: “Katie, she tested very good for a long period of time, and then all of the sudden she tested positive … this is why the whole concept of tests aren’t necessarily great … today, I guess, for some reason, she tested positive

This video has been viewed by 9 million plus viewers.

How Our Politicians Speech

Meme :

Once I took a pregnancy test and it was negative for a long time, and then ALL OF A SUDDEN it was positive and I said what is this whole concept and then for some reason, I had a baby.

The meme has made 110K people burst into laughter. Shows how a simple statement closely relating can create jokes and fun for others. Enjoy this political jokes and meme. While it’s disputable whether our politicians are useful or not but surely can give us reason to laugh as this example shows how our politicians speech created meme.

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