Science Quiz – How much you know about things you see and use everyday

General knowledge quiz for the curious minds.


Science Quiz - How much you know about things you see and use everyday

We see so many things around us and almost all of them have some or the other science and scientific explanation behind it.

How much we really know about the simple things such as why is Nutella so good to why shoe polish helps shoes. If you know your science well, you will do well with this quiz. Take this quiz to build your general knowledge about things around you.

General knowledge based quizzes have proven to be a good mental exercise and beneficial to your brain.

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Why is junk food not harmful to some people's health

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What 2 elements make table salt



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How do shoes regain their shine after polishing


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Can a power drill set your house on fire

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How does water cleans dirt so well


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Why are sticky notes easy to remove


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Why is soap not good for your face, but otherwise is good for body


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Why do we close eyes drinking first sip of coffee


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Why do LEGO bricks not break easily ?


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Why does cold water feels colder than cold air


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Why does glass breaks quickly ?


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Why do we need tea or coffee in the morning

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While apples are quite healthy, why is Apple-pie not healthy


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Why is Green Tea considered as a healthy choice


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What ingredient makes Nutella so addictive?


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