How Is Coronavirus Nasal Swab Test Is Conducted. The Test Videos Will Motivate You To Stay Inside And Stay Protected

Real users experience to Coronavirus Nasal Swab test for those who want to know how is the test conducted.

As video shows, it’s quite paintful and all those who have undergone this test are advising to stay indoor than taking pain of Nasal Swab test.


By now you may already know that the nasal swab test is more accurate than saliva or throat swab. Some testing facilities are taking samples from both throat and nasal cavity. Want to know how is coronavirus nasal swab test is conducted. We have videos of users who have taken this test and experiences were painful.

If you think that you have been exposed to the virus and show Coronavirus symptoms, first step is to call your medical provider. They will try to understand your symptoms and whether a COVID-19 test is warranted or no.

Once you have been directed to take the test, your options are limited to the Nasal swab test. Though its little painful as compared to obtaining swab from your throat, at present it is considered to provide more accurate picture.

What should you do if you think you may have Coronavirus

Self assessment is the quickest way to diagnose your symptoms. Google in partnering with CDC has developed a quiz based Coronavirus self assessment test. The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic hasn’t suppressed regular flu or fever viruses and sometimes you may be suffering from normal flue and not Coronavirus.

The self assessment test is the best way to go as you can take it from your samrtphone or laptop at your convenience. No need to visit the doctor, that way you can shield yourself from getting additionally exposed to other Coronavirus patients at your nearest hospital.

Here is the link for those who want to take Coronavirus self assessment test.

Based on results of self assessment test, talk to your health provider. If you have been told to take the Coronavirus test, watch other user’s experience so you can be mentally prepared.

Test Experience as shared by User 1

how is coronavirus nasal swab test

The test was purely nasal swab test. The swab is inserted inside each nostril for 10 seconds long. The intent of the test is to collect samples from your nasal cavity.

You can’t sneeze due to fear of your samples getting affected and the results may be false negative.

how is coronavirus nasal swab test

Our nose is quite sensitive to the foreign object, here nasal swab. Hence chances are high that It’s not fun to get a the swab inserted into your nostril.

Watch how is coronavirus nasal swab test is conducted based on this users own experiecne.


Test Experience as shared by User 2

This man totally freaked out as soon as the swab touched his nostrils. He did not show patience for the samples to be collected. After finding it too uncomfortable, looks like this user has chosen to live with Corona than forcing himself for a swab test.

What do you think, is Coronavirus nasal swab test painful these videos can provide cues.

Test Experience as shared by User 3

Looks like women tend to do better with Coronavirus nasal swab test. This woman is cool and calm from the beginning and the insertion of swab into her nostrils did not bother her much.

Patients like her are always preferred than those who are intolerant to Nasal swab test.


Test Experience as shared by User 4

In this case both samples from throat and nasal cavity were confuted. The first part was a cinch and went easy. Easy insertion of swab inside your mouth and quickly out. The next part of little hard. The medical staffer conducting this test has already warned the user that it will be painful.

how is coronavirus nasal swab test


how is coronavirus nasal swab test


Based on the test experience from all 4 above users, you decide what’s worth for you, COVID19 or stay indoor maintaining social distancing.




How much time the test can take

As per the medical probationer who are conducting Coronavirus test, the test time is just few minutes. They know it’s going to be paintful and will try to do it as quickly as possible. If your city or state has drive through testing facility, take advantage of it as that way you will less exposed to the other patients. (I don’t need to tell you who else would be there taking Coronavirus test, not healthy offcourse)

Few facts

Based on what many users have shared on social media platform, can we say women are finding the test less troublesome over men.

Don’t take trouble to go out and get infected by Coronavirus. These videos may serve motivation to stay indoor, safe and locked.

If you still want to take chances, then you are a brave guy and nothing can stop you.

Steps in which Coronavirus test is conducted


  1. The medical practitioner will provide instruction on how the test will be performed.
  2. Now that you have got general outline, brace yourself for the actual test
  3. The swab will be inserted in your mouth to take samples from you throat
  4. Same swab will be used to collect additional samples from your nasal cavity
  5. The medical staff will insert the swab in your left nostril for 10 second.
  6. After left nostril, the swab will be removed and inserted in the right nostril
  7. After 10 seconds each nostril, your test is now complete.

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