How Chinese Schools Are Making Sure Their Students Don’t Spread COVID Can US Follow This Path To Protect Our Children

Video surfaced on TikTok shows what schools in China are doing to open up after lockdown.

These precautions are essential to make sure the students won’t spread Coronavirus and lead to the second wave.

How Chinese schools are making sure

How Chinese schools are making sure their students don’t spread COVID. Can US do that else students may suffer. The severe lockdown are about to be lifted in phases and many countries are following similar phase based pattern. The first phase offcourse involves the essential services and stores, followed by others in the subsequent phases.

As we are focusing on opening the businesses, theaters, malls and shopping complex, there is growing concern on when to open the schools and if the schools can be opened until a permonent cure to COVID-19 is found.

The young children are not only our future, next generation but compared to adults lack strong immune system. A kid carrying Coronavirus can quickly spread it to the entire school in a matter of few minutes to hour. From kids the virus can spread to each household and thus this domino effect is sufficient enough to take the whole nation down into depression and strict lockdown.

A stitch in time saves nine. We all know the education system is very important and homeschooling can’t replace the schools. Our children need to not only learn only the books but should be able to interact with other kids, play together and build strong bond of friendship with fellow students. School offers physical exercises, sports, library, theater, band and many other essential features that can shape our kids future.

There is a growing voice over when to open the school. But without implementing safety features it won’t be easy to open the schools. Moreover, without strict adherence to social distancing, many parents won’t permit sending their kids to the school.

As a result a strong COVID prevention system needs to be built and instituted in each school that want to open. Let’s see what other countries are doing to safeguard their students from spreading this virus.

What is China doing to open the schools

China for instance has already taken a giant leap in curbing spread of Coronavirus among students. A video posted on social media site shows the extra precautions (mind you these are essential and out of abundance of precautions is what our society needs until a permonent cure to Coronavirus can be found. The video shows how Chinese schools are making sure students can learn in safe and secure environment.

How Chinese schools are making sure

Step 1: When parents walk their kids to the school, disinfection is must. The staff standing outside gate is making sure to spray disinfectant spray on kids shoes, the bottom portion of it to make sure no virus from the ground can enter the school.

Your personal protection equipment (PPE) such as mask and gloves need to be removed and go into trash can.

How Chinese schools are making sure

Step 2: Hand sanitizer. Sanitize your hands to make sure no germs or COVID19 virus stays on your hands.

How Chinese schools are making sure

Step 3: Fumigation. The hot fume blower will blow off the dust and other particles from your clothes thus making them safe and germs free.

How Chinese schools are making sure

Step 4: Finally let’s make sure your breath and hands are clear and you already do not carry any virus to the school.

This is well documented in the below video.

Watch How Chinese schools are making sure their students don’t spread COVID

Challenges and opposition USA may face in implementing strict measures

Can we as a country follow the same path or go up and beyond. What are U.S. states that are re-opening doing to make sure students don’t spread the virus?

We have our own challenges and mind set. Can you imagine what “Freedom Loving” parents in America would say if their children had to go through this testing. Then again through metal detectors or health screening. Anti-vaxers would start a conspiracy theory that their children were being poisoned by these fluids and fogs and radiated in that box.

That looks hard. My kid can’t lift his leg like that. He’ll drop his cheeseburger. Besides, that’s against his rights. Also can you imagine, people are having a nervous breakdown being told to wash their hands.

Again both these countries are not comparable given the difference in heritage, cultural values and demographical differences. You’re seriously wondering about the differences between China And the US? If we were faced with detention centers and reeducation camps we would comply too . Is that the solution ?

Again we have to also look at the practicality and feasibility of the options shown above. Is it really possible to implement such robust system in each and every school across the country and then follow it strictly everyday for all the students? It will take lot of resources, money and time. At present our best bet is to find a 100% cure to Coronavirus as that’s the only thing that can make every individual in US feel safe and secure. How Chinese schools are making sure their students don’t spread COVID may be proving good to their population, however how much success China can have will be known in coming days.

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