How Are People Forced To Stay At Home Killing The Time. Childish And Nonsensical Activities

How Are People Forced To Stay At Home Killing The Time. Childish And Nonsensical Activities. How many times a day can you read the same monotonous and repeated news of Corona virus. How many movies can you watch. The initial excitement of getting a break from office work and idea to do nothing but just watch TV or spend the time with family has now gone long time ago. As days are passing, the quarantine life has taken adverse turn from the initial happiness to stuck in the jail feeling (not my word, but quoted by Ellen DeGeneres as reported on CNN and Fox news)

We all have tried making use of this extra time to finish long standing activities, catch up with long pending TV shows and movies, spending time with family, playing with kids, giving attention to your spouse, however even after finishing this long laundry list the lockdown is still there. Now people are running out of ideas of how to spend the time, rather how to kill this prolonged Social distancing and days of quarantine. As the days now become weeks of quarantine, it’s not easy to spend every coming moment in isolation and solitude.

Some childish ideas have born out of necessity to kill the time. Had this been any regular day, we would have scoffed to these many childish ideas or totally ignored it. Now, no more, rather these silly looking themes and ideas are gaining steam day by day.

Super lazy and bored brain has come up with “Guess the animal”game idea. You won’t believe but this idea soon became popular and trending. Hundreds of users have reacted and played this otherwise nonsensical game.

This silly time pass has received 68K likes and 4200 comments.

No idea. Try this one, it’s impossibly difficult..

How Are People Forced

Kinda similar, could it be?How Are People Forced

Now guess this one.

Luckily, I have got the original to hand

Another classic example of how are people forced to stay at home killing The Time.

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The reason Batman doesn’t cover his whole face is because he needs the police to know he’s white

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