How Animals Are Enjoying Outdoor Life When Quarantine Has Forced Mankind To Stay Indoor

How Animals Are Enjoying

How Animals Are Enjoying Outdoor Life When Quarantine Has Forced Mankind To Stay Indoor. Believe or not, the Coronavirus pandemic has proven to be a blessing for animals. By now you may have seen tons of videos and pictures how the birds and animals are enjoying worry free quite outdoor life. Now that most of us are locked indoor and can’t move freely, this is helping the wild life to thrive and enjoy.

The spring is here but doesn’t feel like. The warm beaches are inviting, but no one ready to go. We all are following precautions and that will definitely help the humanity in containing the spread of virus. Thankfully, the coronavirus aka COVID19 is not affecting animals. Results, while we are confined inside homes, the animals, our pets and even the wild life do not have such restrictions.

With the streets almost empty, people have shared news as deer walking the freeway or in some part of countries reduced pollution levels have made some hidden object appearing more clear (In Asia, some parts can not see the snow clad mountains of Himalaya)

How Animals Are Enjoying

We wanted to do our part and here is a seal enjoying beach side sunbath on an empty beach. The beach otherwise crowded with many people is completely closed leaving the ocean facing lounge and beach chairs left empty and unoccupied.

The seal sought this once in lifetime opportunity and decided to experience the fun of taking sunbath along the ocean. You can see the happiness, the way he is stretching or rubbing his back are all fun to watch.

Watch the cool video of very cool seal by the beach side.

Meanwhile, elsewhere the wild life is enjoying the best days in their life. With no human being on the street, I don’t think these animals are missing us anymore

Join their celebration


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