Hospital Surprised Taxi Driver With A Standing Ovation Plus An Envelope Of Money For His Good Deeds During Coronavirus Pandemic

Hospital Surprised Taxi Driver

Hospital Surprised Taxi Driver With A Standing Ovation Plus An Envelope Of Money For His Good Deeds During Coronavirus Pandemic. All good deeds by you will be rewarded sooner or later. This has proven true in the past, present and in future. Here is another story of a taxi driver who has witnessed this.

When the world is reeling under the burden of Coronavirus, there are numerous cases where humanity has been made feel ashamed by the sheer greed shown by some of us. Whether is’s emptying the retailer stores shelves of toilet papers or stocking uploads of hand sanitizers thus depriving others who would really need it.

The sheer act of greed and our habit of hoarding the PPE, personal protective equipment have forced the hospital staff and first responders to work without enough protection.

When many of us are showing unprecedented behaviour of greed and selfishness, there are few whose selfless acts are keeping our soul and moral alive.

Hospital Surprised Taxi Driver

A taxi driver in Spain managed to drop many patients to the hospital that to FREE of charge. Not only one or two, he continued to ferry those in need of hospitalization in the days when we are scared to even come in contact with others due to coronavirus fear. The hospital staff too started to take note of taxi driver’s selfless behaviour.

Hospital Surprised Taxi Driver

Taxi driver’s job is not a top earning job neither it can earn you sufficient enough to save for the rainy days. But the thought of loss of revenue did not deter the taxi driver (we don’t know his name yet)and he continued to help patients in need.

If you already don’t know, Spain is one of the worst affected country with over 200.000 plus cases and approximately 22,000 deaths. That puts Spain just behind US. As a result, Spain like many other countries is experiencing prolonged lockdown and significant job losses. With millions of workforce unemployed, meeting daily needs such as gas cost or routine taxi maintenance was a daunting task for this taxi driver.  Despite all these hurdles, he continued to drop many patients to the hospital for FREE.

The hospital already aware of his good deeds, decided to compensate him financially so that his taxi meter can run without issues and he should be supported to help many others in future too.

Hospital Surprised Taxi Driver

The taxi driver received a call to pickup a patient from the hospital. Thinking that this is one of the routine call to pick up the patient, the taxi driver entered the hospital. When he arrived, the staff handed first piece of paper to him “Here is a present”.

Second piece of paper handed to him “Here is your COVID test, it is negative.” I am sure receiving negative COVID19 test results are no less than heavenly surprise. The taxi driver was delightful after receiving negative test results. But when the doctors and nurses surprised him with a standing ovation, plus an envelope of money, I am sure he must have felt that all his good work has been paid off.

This shows good deeds will never go unnoticed even in the most trying and treacherous days of Coronavirus pandemic. Keep up with the good work and sooner or later your selfless acts will be highly regarded and rewarded.

Good things happen to good people sometimes, he clearly gave so much to others without expectation of reward. So humbling and beautiful, moments like this are the best side of humanity.

This renews faith in humanity. Not all heroes wear capes or work in wards. Sir I salute you. Recognition for an unsung hero doing what he felt was right. Truly heartwarming. He is a living definition of a gentle giant (looking at his height and size)

Kindness and understanding beats being critical and unhelpful any day please learn that – there are so many heroes out there – let’s work together

How hospital surprised taxi driver and rewarded his good deed is must to watch

Watching this video I’m not crying, are you too? Yep, cried at this earlier and one of my dogs came and put her head on my lap which made me cry more. There are some truly wonderful people out there. I’m becoming emotionally numb and I needed to be reminded that good people can be kind and generous to other wonderful human beings

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