You Won’t Believe This Heart Shaped Omelet For Valentine’s Day Is Made Using Hotdog Because She Deserves It

Make a difference this Valentine’s day by creating your signature love message, from one heart to another.

Recipe of heart shaped omelet for Valentine’s day is created with the help of hotdog.


heart shaped omelet for

Valentine’s day is around the corner and like many lovers, you too must be thinking of the novel gift ideas for your Valentine. Don’t limit your ideas only to one particular gift, rather make this day full of blast and surprises. How about starting from her breakfast table. Presenting you simple and easy to follow Valentine’s day recipe of heart shaped omelet for this special day.

Hotdog for Valentine’s day doesn’t sound great but you won’t believe what magic hotdog can bring to your dish.

Heart Shaped Omelet For Valentine’s Day

Let’s put on the kitchen apron and jump into action. All you need is one hotdog and an egg. Don’t be shy to use more eggs if needed. First thing first, cut the hotdog in the middle as shown below. We need one end of hotdog uncut to make our heart shape. Turn the two cut prongs in opposite direction. Ta da your instant heart shape is ready.



heart shaped omelet for

I guess by now you are getting the idea how hotdog can make heart shape. If you have a big family, use the griddle. Electric griddle is must have appliance for every kitchen. It’s not only easy to operate but offers a large cooking surface essential to cook for a large family gathering.


Celebrating Valentine’s Day With Large family

heart shaped omelet for

If you are planning to make a big omelet dish, here is another idea. Take 6 or 8 or 10 hotdogs. The numbers have to be even. Cut them as above and make 6 or 8 heart shapes. Now arrange these heart shapes on a griddle to achieve symmetry. make sure to place the heart shapes at regular intervals and equidistant from each other than making some random pattern.

I personally love Presto electric non-stick griddle. The griddle not only shines my kitchen platform but also comes with loaded features.

Great for every meal, whether breakfast, lunch or dinner. Easily adjusts from a level cooking surface for eggs and pancakes to a tilted surface for meats. Legs fold in and drip tray locks in place for easy, compact storage. Heavy cast aluminum base with large 254-square-inch cooking surface. Premium nonstick surface ensures stick-free cooking and easy cleaning. Control Master heat control automatically maintains the desired cooking temperature. Slide-out drip tray empties easily. Easy to clean. Fully immersible with the heat control removed.

heart shaped omelet for

Now your canvas is ready to pour the scrambled egg. Here is a twist. rather than using both yellow and white portion, we have separated the yolk from rest of the egg and saved for the next step. The scrambled egg without yolk will go around the heart shaped hotdog whereas the yolk will fill the heart shape thus giving better optics. Aftercall, presentation of the dish will win her heart too.

heart shaped omelet for

Whether you decide to make the heart shaped omelet just for her for your entire family, we guarantee you that your dish will pass on the message of how much you love your soulmate. Seeing this exotic looking dish, specially made for Valentine’s day, rest assured that your morning has just turned magical.


New Found Love For Hotdog This Valentine’s Day

heart shaped omelet for

If your Valentine doesn’t love hotdog, which is not a surprise, this will be the the first and only time the hotdog can make her smile. After all she deserve an eventful, magical Valentine’s day. Load it up with many other surprises. If you are running short of ideas, here is another one Edible Roses For Valentine’s Day Is Epic Way To Share A Treat On This Very Special Occasion.

Ladies, don’t wait on your hubby or boyfriend to surprise you. You too can try our Valentine’s day special recipe and make this day enjoyable for both of you.

Can you imagine what magic hotdog can make. Watch how to make heart shaped omelet this Valentine’s day.



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